Create Facebook Store – How to Set up a Facebook Store

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Do you want to create a Facebook store and have no idea how to go about it? I will be telling you in a bit how to create a Facebook store. But first, before I go any further, do you even know what a Facebook store is. Just in case you do not know what a Facebook store is, here it is. A Facebook store is an online store. It is a type of online store that operates or can be operated solely on the Facebook platform. With the Facebook store, users are opportune to sell their products directly to millions of customers on the Facebook platform.

Create Facebook Store - How to Set up a Facebook Store

Benefits and Importance of a Facebook Store

Without much bickering, I will go straight into the benefits and advantages of the create Facebook store feature. The Facebook platform is the biggest and most visited social media platform in the world. The platform is visited by billions of active users all over and around the globe daily. So, therefore, traffic and awareness-wise, this is undoubtedly the best place and way to showcase your products to the world. Below is a list of the advantages and benefits accompanied by using the Facebook store.

  1. With facebook store you get to communicate with your clients and customers on a whole different level. You get to have direct contacts with them which is more intimate and social.
  2. Facebook as a platform is very essential for your sales rate. As at 2013, according to statistics, Facebook only became the third place after china and India in terms of population. This simply means that facebook has now become a new world full of endless possibilities and chances for shop and store owners.
  3. It is a cheaper, easier and more direct way to sell.

Above are some of the benefits of a Facebook store. To get the full benefits of the Facebook store you have to make use of the feature to see for yourself.

How to Create a Facebook Store

To create your very own Facebook store follow the steps below;

  1. On your facebook page click on the create shop tab just below your pages cover photo.
  2. You will have to set up your shop details
  3. Configure your payment methods
  4. Start adding products to your store
  5. Complete settings and configure shipping
  6. Manage your products.

You must be a registered user of the Facebook platform before you can make use of this Facebook feature. You must know that there are some prohibited items on this platform. In other words, it is not everything that can be sold on this platform.

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