Is Crunchyroll an illegal free website OR who do I access the Crunchyroll store? On the contrary, Crunchyroll is one of the worlds known animation, manga, and Dorama American distributor, production and licensing company. However, Crunchyroll has a controlling interest of Otter Media which is also a parent of AT&T’s, Warner Media. Besides, Crunchyroll offer users with over 1,000 latest of animation shows & more than more over 200 east Asian dramas. Meanwhile, not all Crunchyroll program are available worldwide due to its restrictions of licensing. Hence, Crunchyroll recoded to have passed over three (3) million paid subscribers.

Crunchyroll - Free Anime & Drama Streaming Online |

Furthermore, accessing the platform grant users with more benefit. Whereby, users will be able to find latest Anime & Drama movies with different categories and genres. To enjoy more drama and Anime you can visit the Crunchyroll store then impute login credential. However, the Crunchyroll allows users to watch free anime on their platform. but not all movies can be watch free without creating an account and a payment plan. Whereby, it’s a platform that allows users to start up free trial and later request for subscription plans and a registration. Nevertheless, there are lot of interesting dram to stream and download from the platform. moreover, it’s allows users to share, make use of the search and add movies to Queue.

Crunchyroll Categories

The interesting aspect of the Crunchyroll platform is that they provide an attractive and simple interface for users. Also, they have different categories loaded with Anime and Anime games for mobile and video games. Here is the list of categories you can find on Crunchyroll.

  • Shows
  • Manga
  • News
  • Games
  • Premium

You will also find Anime and featured shows listed under the portal. Besides, they provided you with search engine to find your latest shows.

 How to Create Crunchyroll Premium Account

in order to stream and download from the world largest Anime collection. You need to subscribe to the Premium plans then, you will be able to watch new episode one hour after they air in japan, enjoy access to unlimited ads free anime, save with exclusive Crunchyroll Store, and many more. Here are the steps to follow when creating an account.

  • Kindly lunch your default web browser from your operating devices.
  • Locate the “Try Free Premium” located at the top of the page then click on it.
  • Users will be referred to the main portal, locate the “Login” then click on it.
  • Under the Login details click on the “Create One”.

Then, you will be asked to impute your details to sign up for an account. moreover, you can explore more about the site by click on the “Explore” located beside the login. Knowing that there are plans you need to acquire before you can stream the unlimited Anime and drama movies series.

Is Crunchyroll illegal Site to Stream From?

On the contrary, as was said earlier, Crunchyroll is one of the world largest collection of Anime. In which it’s allows users to catch their favorite shows and movies to play on store. Therefore, Crunchyroll has distributed rights with all of the content on their site. Which it’s difficult for them to be sued or encounter legal issue. But k now that not all program is shown is some regions.

Here is the list of Crunchyroll Online Free Premium Plans

  • FAN: this cost $7.99/mo. including applicable taxes. This plan gives you with 14-day free Trial with some other little benefits.
  • MEGA FAN {1 Month}: this comes with 14 days free trials as well. Also, with other access higher that the FAN plan.
  • MEGA FAN {12-month}: same as the 14 days free trial, with unlimited access upgraded than the previous two plans.

Note also that the Manga is only available in English. While the crunch roll store availability may vary by country and video content availability may vary by country.