Customer Support Administrator in the United States with Visa Sponsorship

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Are you familiar with the job of a customer support administrator? Are you a professional at administrating customer support? Do you know that you can do that job in the United States? If not, then now you do.  In the United States, there are several companies and industries that offer Customer Support Administrator jobs with Visa Sponsorship for foreigners to apply for. So, if you have the required experience for this job. Then this is an opportunity for you to grab.

Do you enjoy working as a customer support administrator, you can work in the United States as one. Besides, talking and helping customers solve their problems can be very fun to do. And so many companies in the united stated are in high demand of customer service support administrators to help in taking their customer’s reports and calls.

Furthermore, there is no particular company in charge of customer support administrators in the United States. Instead, it is in high demand from so many companies in the United States. Nevertheless, you need not worry about not being able to afford visa bills after applying for a job. Why so? This is because, if you apply for a customer support administrator job from any United States company that offers visa sponsorship, your visa is not an issue.

However, do you know that applying for this job in the United States helps in so many ways? For example, it helps to build your working experience, it helps you to understand your environment, it gives you better communication skills, and most of all, you get to earn a lot more. As a customer support administrator in the United States, you earn an average salary of $48,469 and above per year.

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Customer Support Administrator

So many people are familiar with customer care because we contact them a lot to give complaints. But some people do not understand who a customer support administrator is. However, the customer support administrator handles the comments of customers on a certain issue and reports to the company. Also, it is the head of the customer service body that all issues are reported after communication with a customer.

However, they also solve issues, maintain the representative needs, provide assistance to customer service issues, and more. However, on this note, you can say that customer care and customer support administrator is practically the same thing. They do the same job and all.

Customer Support Administrator in the United States with Visa Sponsorship

Customer Support Administrator Salaries

Now before you decide to apply for this job, you will need to identify the jobs and select which is best for you. The job is not a single job. Instead, it consists of other jobs in it and without identifying them, and you may have issues when applying for a job. However, finding this job is best done if you search online. Nevertheless, make sure while you search for jobs, do not forget to indicate “visa sponsorship” to avoid issues. However, to make things easy, in the below table are some of the jobs and their salaries to take note of.

Administrative support associate II/UKHC$21.00- $34.29Per hour
IT specialist (customer support)$106,823- $164,120Per year
Support service administrator$12Per hour
Administrator specialist- utilities customer service division$15.45- $21.32Per hour
Customer service operations support administrator$16Per hour
Network specialist IV- customer support service$4.650Per month
Administrative support assistant$31,200- $35,592Per year

Other jobs include:

  • Customer service &admin support.
  • Administrative support representative.
  • Administrator- customer solution.
  • Customer care administrator.
  • Senior administrator- customer care.
  • Customer support administrator.
  • Client success support administrator.

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Companies Offering The Job in the United States With Visa Sponsorship

Aside from identifying the jobs and their salaries, you will need to take note of the companies that offer these jobs with visa sponsorship. This is practically the next step to take to the job in the United States. However, below, these companies that offer the job in the United States with visa sponsorship are listed.

  • Virginia Tech.
  • The University of Kentucky.
  • RTI Community management associates Inc.
  • D.H. Pace Company, Inc.
  • Wesco.
  • Dynata.
  • US national institute of standards and technology.
  • Procter & Gamble.
  • Orange country government.
  • T. Parker Host.
  • DAS Health.