is free dating on Facebook that a very good question from many Facebook users. Yes, dating is a new free platform added to Facebook. However, this is available to make many Facebook single users have the opportunity to meet anyone of their choice. Also, with the recent update, Facebook Dating is now available in the United State and some other countries. The platform is available to users 18 and older which will appear as a new tab within your Facebook mobile app. This is if you’re the dating is available in your country.

Dating on Facebook – Dating on Facebook App Free for Single

The platform is free dating on Facebook allow people to opt into dating by creating a profile that is separate from their main Facebook profile. However, with just one Tap you get to meet potential romantic partners among their friends of friends. Also, the platform suggests matches for its users based on preferences input when you creating a profile. Such as interests and Facebook activity with the app design elements which look like other dating apps like Hinge. Allow you send a like and a warm message to any profile you encounter on the service.

Does Facebook Charge for Dating?

Facebook doesn’t charge for dating it free if available in your country which is also without ads that could hinder your time. However, the goal of the platform is to get people to use Facebook more with the ability to integrate Facebook and Instagram. Posts into a dating profile with a basic profile which is free to set up. Also, there are so many features that might help users find the right might require a paid subscription.

How to Create Free Dating on Facebook Account?

Creating a Free Dating on Facebook profile if you are interested in using Facebook Dating to meet new people. However, on the platform, you can send a like or message to someone you like. You can access dating from your current Facebook account on either your PC or mobile phones. Here are a few steps on how to a Facebook dating account;

  • Login to your Facebook on either PC or Facebook apps on your mobile phones 
  • At the homepage of your Facebook account, Tap on the Menu icon in the upper right side of the screen.
  • Then Tap dating (if you don’t see the dating option you will probably need to tap the see more option or dating is not available in your country).
  • The next page will be the dating section which you will need to provide your personal information or it will grab information. From your information on your Facebook account.

After setting up your Facebook dating account you can then adjust the profile to exactly how you want it. However, after creating an account Facebook will start sending you matches. And start up a conversation with one of your matches. Also, you can create a crush on someone or you use Facebook Dating to help you meet up.