Debate Topics for Secondary School Students

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Selecting engaging and captivating debate topics for secondary school students can be challenging within an educational setting. There are certain criteria to consider when choosing the most suitable debate topics. For instance, you might want to ask yourself some key questions:

Debate Topics for Secondary Schools in Nigeria

• Can the secondary school student effectively express their thoughts verbally or provide a detailed discussion on the debate topic?

• Will the secondary school student find it excessively difficult or adequately manageable to research on the debate topic?

You’ll know that you’ve discovered the ideal debate topic for secondary school students when it strikes a balance—easy to comprehend and explain, yet stimulating enough to generate extensive and prolonged conversation. This is the primary motivation behind my article, as I’m here to present you with some of the finest, most captivating, and highly relevant debate topics that encompass education, politics, technology, and much more.

What is Debate

Debate is a process that requires formal conversation, communication, and public speaking on a particular topic and the selection of a topic, often with an audience. In other words, a debate is an argument put in order or a fixture of ideas whereby the participator discusses a topic from both the supporting side and the opposing side. The expectation of a result is to persuade the opposition that you are correct.

Types of Debate

There are various types of debate. Some of these types include;

Cross-Examination debate: The cross-examination debate is based on the legal profession model. This style of debate gives a useful or valuable speech (testimony)by the supporting side and a cross-examination (questioning) by the opposing side.

Team Policy Debate: Team policy debate is whereby a team is selected for the approving position. That insinuates that they must argue opposing the ratification of the policy.

Parliamentary Debate: Parliamentary debate is constructed on the model of government. And it is also used for secondary school debating.

Spontaneous Argumentation debate: Spontaneous argumentation debate (SPAED) is a very fast and easy debate.

Lincoln Douglas debate: Lincoln Douglas debate is an aggressive speaking activity that requires two sides (the supporting and the opposing side) a resolved.

What Is the Idea of a Good Debate Topic?

Debating is a powerful tool that fosters communication among students, providing them with valuable opportunities for self-expression. The more controversial the chosen debate topic, the more effective it becomes. Every potential viewpoint is voiced, regardless of how widely recognized it may be.

The sole requirement for meaningful debates is to present strong, well-founded arguments. Simply stating “just cause I think so” is insufficient. It’s crucial to illustrate, demonstrate, or provide evidence to support the validity of a particular perspective.

How to Choose a Good Debate Topic

The debate can be used for in-depth exploration into a particular topic. There are some things you need to keep in mind when choosing a debate topic, and they include;

  • Picking a topic that your student cares about.
  • Ensure the topic has sufficient resources and support.
  • Consider the student’s previous understanding of a topic.
  • Deliberate debate topics using learning objectives and creativity.

Importance Of Debates in Secondary Schools

In a debate, each participant presents their arguments and responds to their opponent’s points in a structured and respectful manner. Debating holds significant importance for secondary school students in Nigeria as it provides a platform for developing critical thinking skills and honing public speaking abilities.

Participating in debates enables students to articulate their thoughts and opinions clearly and effectively while also demonstrating consideration and respect for the viewpoints of others. Additionally, it fosters the growth of critical thinking skills, advances public speaking proficiency, enhances research capabilities, promotes teamwork, and encourages civic engagement.

List of Debate Topics for Secondary School Students in Nigeria

Education is one of the typical and accessible topics for all students. Here are a few debates that are suitable for secondary school students in Nigeria:

  • Is it the government’s responsibility to offer free education to every student?
  • Is it appropriate to permit athletes to kneel during the national anthem?
  • The responsibility for a child’s actions, should it be the parents?
  • Should healthcare for all citizens be the responsibility of the government?
  • Is it necessary to impose a restriction on the number of children a family can have?
  • Is it the government’s responsibility to offer complimentary meals to all students attending public schools?
  • Should children be homeschooled by their parents?

Students in secondary schools can make a debate out of any of these questions, and make their research after picking either the supporting or the opposing team. Then educate each other while they argue.