Digitaldripped – Get Music, Videos, And Mixtapes.

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Looking for a platform where you can get music, videos, and mixtapes? Have you tried Digitaldripped? Digitaldripped is a web portal that provides the latest, on-demand music and videos and allows users to streamline their selected media content? Hip hop music, RnB music EMD songs, and videos are selectively arranged. And at different time intervals, they are made available for you. Digitaldripped allows users to search for their favorite artists and the latest hits from upcoming artists. On the portal, users can save off their phone storage as they can listen to songs and watch music videos online without having to download them.

Its statistics estimate helps users to decide which songs and videos they can go for when they are short of options in time of indecision. Have you listened to that ideal mix tape and you would like to recommend or even share them? DigitalDripped offers you those options with which you can recommend and select content discussions on its provided social media podiums. Decide which content you dislike and dislike on the DigitalDripped web portal and be a part to contribute to its top rank stat. When using DigitalDripped be rest assured that you would get alot of entertainment from it.

Digitaldripped Web Portal Contents

Just like the name implies, the portal keeps its users dripped into entertainment digitally. Get started on the digital dripped online portal for its unlimited songs and video exploits. The web portal makes all digital dripped contents service accessible on any web browser at users’ convenience. From updates, plays, and discussions to music uploads, this portal satisfies its users’ media needs. Note that, downloading on the website is restricted. But, its mobile app is available for just that.

DigitalDripped web portal is a sleek and easy-to-use interface with its contents grouped under some main menu keys. The first main menu, when clicked, gives results based on a 4-time interval which is results for the day, week, month, and all time. These time intervals can easily be navigated from one to the other. A user’s preferred interval option can be clicked to get her desired results. The main menu keys presented on the portal are:

A quick search bar is available on the homepage; this allows a user to filter the content search by entering a keyword. It also enables users to access lots of content so that they can select the ones they want. Check out the Top Songs section for a recap of the hottest tracks for the day, week, month, and all time. View the trending songs available

Get several mixtapes from your favorite and upcoming artists. Watch your favorite hip-hop, RnB music, and EDM artists’ quality new music videos, interviews, performances, clips, and lots more. Submit any song of your choice on the portal. And that, you will agree with me, it is incredible.

Digitaldripped Sign Up/Login

This portal requires no registration process; So you should worry less as using the platform is easy and hassle-free. As a visitor, when you first create your account. You wouldn’t have to log in as your account would be accessible except if you log out. Since a user does not have to create an account before he or she can use DigitalDripped services, the login process is quite evitable. The reason I mentioned “quite” is because before a user can use DigitalDripped recommend and share options, he or she is required to do so using an account. Hence the user has to log in to her Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ account.

The system automatically detects if you logged on to any of these portals. After that, share and recommend songs you like on your account. Note that all people can gain access to other options on the interface without any account creation.

Digitaldripped Web Portal Submit Music

Other people submit their songs here for people to listen to them. Also, as a user, to complete the process, you should provide some details. The details needed are the user’s name, email address, artist, song title, and link. The applicant enters the CAPTCHA text and then proceeds to submit.

How to Stream

There are so many songs and videos on DigitalDripped that you can access for free. All that you need to do is visit the web portal and take that tour you have always wanted. Trust me; it is a thrill like no other. Play your favorite media content on your web browser, anywhere at any time. Does your device have an internet connection? Now, let me take you through how this portal will work for you. Here are the steps on how to listen to songs, any genre of course, and watch any selected video.

  • Launch your browser and enter the Url on the address search bar.
  • Select the main menu preferably and browse through the results. You can also use the quick search bar to find your content.
  • Click on the content you want to view or listen to. This displays brief info about the content such as the name of the artist and the title of the content.
  • Tap the title of the content.
  • Press the Play icon and you are good to go.

 DigitalDripped App

You can also download the DigitalDripped mobile app on your device. The app encompasses the web portal’s most functions and a few other integrated features. Whereas its web portal restricts users from downloading, this mobile app allows users to search for media content, and stream and download them. You can browse through the thousands of hits; Hip Hop, RnB, EDM songs, and videos that are new, hot, and trending from various artists.

The added feature of this great mobile app is the DD radio with which users can listen to unlimited music. It is a local radio which allows DigitaldDripped app users to play and listen to internet radio stations online. DigitalDripped app is available for use on all devices. Also, it is easy to use, 100% free and you can access it anywhere.

DigitalDripped App Download

Download the DigitalDripped app from your Google Play as an Android user. This is an app that users can download for free at no cost. You can also find them in the App Store for iOS or iPhone users. Downloading the DigitalDripped app on your device gives you access to your content such as videos, Hip-Hop, R&B music, and lots more. there are also quick links to some interesting sections like the top song section that update users on the most trending song of the day. Users can also download songs and other digital content rights with the app.