Does PayPal have an app and is it compatible with all devices? The fastest way to access PayPal as a mobile device user is through the use of the PayPal app. To Download PayPal app, you can buy, sell, send and receive money, and also explore in just one place. Moreover, it is a simple and more secure way which you can make payments online, send money to family and friends who also have a PayPal account, buy and checkout using crypto, and also manage your bills. Plus, there are some new features you can enjoy using the PayPal app. But it is impossible to access the PayPal app for use without first process the app download.

PayPal app is only accessible on mobile devices as there are no desktop apps for PayPal. So, therefore, as a desktop device user, you can always use your web browser to access the PayPal platform anytime you want. You can get the PayPal App for download via your Google play store and also your App store for both your Android device and iOS device respectively. The app is 100% free for download and uses as you do not have to make any payment using the app. With the PayPal app, your financial information is secure. Moreover, you can always create an account and sign in to the account using the PayPal app.

Features of PayPal App

PayPal app wasn’t just developed. But some unique features have been added to it to make you enjoy your usage of the app. One of the features which the PayPal app offers to you is that you get to find deals right there in the app. Other features of the PayPal app include;

  • Get Exclusive deals curated for you right there on the PayPal app
  • Earn cash back when you use the app to shop
  • Multiply rewards, earn them using merchants, your credit cards and also with PayPal
  • Buy goods and make payments later by splitting your purchase into 4 interest free payments at millions of online retailers without late fees
  • Buy, sell and hold bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash and Litecoin using the PayPal App
  • Send and request for money with no payments required
  • Get notifications on what’s coming in and going out
  • Easily transfer funds from your bank to your PayPal account.

Aside from the above-listed features, there are still a lot more you can enjoy using the PayPal app. However, you should process the app download with the steps listed for you below to enjoy the above listed and even more features of the PayPal app for free of charge.

How to Download the PayPal App

As mentioned earlier above, the PayPal app can be gotten from your Google play and app store. So, therefore, the download process is very easy. The reason is, downloading the PayPal app is just like downloading any other app using your device’s app store. All you just need is an internet connection to process the download of your PayPal app. With that, follow these steps below to download the app;

  • Open your Google play or App store
  • Locate the app using the store’s search engine
  • Click on the app from the search result
  • Tap on the Install or Get button to process the app download.

After your app download is complete, you can now open the app to log in to your PayPal account or sign up for a new PayPal account. Don’t know how to set up the app after download? Here are steps for you below by which you can follow to set up your PayPal app.

How to Set Up the PayPal App

Setting up the PayPal app includes signing up for a PayPal account and signing in to your PayPal account. As without a PayPal account, you cannot do anything on the online payment platform both via the app and also via the website. However, once you have downloaded the PayPal app, you can now sign up and sign in to your account with these steps below;

Sign Up For A PayPal Account (Personal)

  • Open the PayPal app, locate and click on the sign up for free button
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Click on the next button
  • Verify your number with the code sent to your device
  • Click on the next button
  • Enter your email address
  • Click on the agree button and create account
  • Follow instructions given to you.

Sign In to Your PayPal Account Via the App

  • Open the PayPal app
  • Click on the login button’
  • Enter your email address
  • Provide your password
  • Click on the login button.

With these steps, you can enter into your PayPal account. However, if you have not signed up for a PayPal account, signing in would be impossible. So you should sign up for a PayPal account if you do not have one via the app not just for the sake of logging in but also for the fact that you want to gain free access to all the features it offers to you for free.