DS-260 – Immigrant Visa Electronic Application

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What are Ds 260 for? DS-260 is also known as an immigrant visa application. It is n online form for foreign citizens that are applying for a family-based green card overseas. This form is very important for every immigrant visa applicant and it is not optional. The applicant and all the members of the family applying for a visa program must definitely complete the DS-260 form. Do you also want to apply for a visa, and then you should definitely fill this form? It is very easy to do that, all you just need to do is visit the website, sign up and fill in the required information.

 Do you want to fill out the Ds 260 form and you do not know how to? You need not worry because I will enlighten you on everything you need to know about DS 260 in a very easy way. However, you need to know that although applying for this ds 260 form is important you must submit the DS-261 form before you access and submit this form. You can submit the form to the consular electronic application website when you are done with the application process. With this form, you will be able to move forward with the marriage-based green card once the National visa center accepts your DS 260 form.

How Can I Get The Form?

Like it was stated above, getting your form is very easy. You can access the form from the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) by visiting the website. Go to your browser and search for https://ceac.state.gov/ to pay for your fees and also apply for the ds 260 form.

How To File for DS 260 Form

Do you want to fill DS- 260 and you do not know how to?  The below is how you can fill this form in a very easy way check it out.

  • Go to the consular electronic website application center sign in page and log in. type in your NVC case number that is located on the letter you received from NVC. You need the code to access the application. Now click on start in the applicant information center. Note that you also need your Invoice ID Number.
  • You will be directed to a page where questions like your name, address, work, education background and family member details is needed. You will also be asked if you are a admissible to the US.
  • CEAC system will not allow you to go to the next page if you do leave any important information blank. However, if you can save if you do not know what to do because the system will time out if you did not save it. And that means you can lose all your information
  • Once you are done with the process, you can now submit the DS-260 form. You can review it because once you submit you cannot make any changes.

After the process, you can now print out the confirmation page so that you can bring it to your interview in the United States. Although it is not necessary, it will not hurt to print out a copy of the form so that you can use it anytime you need it.

 How Do I Check The Status Of My DS 260?

After you submit the DS 260 form and when you are done with the visa interview or medical exam. It is very important that you check the application status of it. It is very important to make sure your application status shows “complete”. However, if it shows incomplete, then follow the below to check on your application or fix it.

With the above process, you can now check up on your status. The form is very important and you cannot get past it. You also need to know that this DS 260 is done online and cannot be done any other places.