DSTV Decoder – Types of Decoder and Devices

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DSTV is a popularly used digital satellite television service provider which enables its users to get entertainment and information on it. Multichoice which deals with broadcasting services is the owner of the platform. Well, the platform makes use of gadgets to offer its services. DSTV Decoder is a gadget a user needs to be able to access television services.

DSTV Decoder is a hardware gadget that users can use to access the services of DSTV channels. it comes with a dish that users mount outside the home and connects with a cable wire. This is done, so as to catch signals coming from DSTV workstations in the country. Once users connect and run the decoder with the dish correctly. They will be able to make use of DSTV services after subscribing to any of the DSTV Packages of their choice.

Types Of DSTV Decoders

There are different types of DSTV Decoders that a user can buy to access DSTV services. The DSTV Decoders include.

  • DStv Explora.
  • The DStv Explora 2.
  • DSTV HD Decoders.
  • The DSTV Drifta Decoder.

These are the DSTV Decoders available to users. Users can make use of two decoders. This is possible by linking the two decoders so as to have more viewing means. This feature is known as the XtraView. It can be of use to only users that subscribe to a DSTV package.

DSTV HD Decoder

This is the cheapest type that a user can acquire. Its production year is 2014 and another name for it is Standard DSTV Decoder. Users can also use the XtraView feature on this decoder by linking it with another DSTV Decoder.

DSTV Explora

Explora is the top and highly used DSTV Decoder. This decoder was brought forward for use in the year 2013. It is a higher version of HD PVR which has a larger amount of memory than that of the HD PVRs. Users of the DSTV Explora can view the programs and record a TV program as well. That is it can record one program and view a program with it.

DSTV Explora 2

DSTV Explora 2 is the latest decoder of the DSTV platform. Its launching date was in the year 2016. It is a higher version of the DSTV Explora. Explora 2 decoder has a higher memory capacity and its size is also smaller than that of the DSTV Explora. It has many features which make it more preferable and expensive than other DSTV Decoders.

DSTV Drifta Decoder

This is a very portable DSTV Decoder that users can use on devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers and many other smart devices. Users need to connect it to a device with a USB cable for it to work. It works only in the range where it can receive DVB-H signals. The drift receives the signals that are reachable in range and then converts them into Wi-Fi signals which it can connect to on the device allowing users to make use of DSTV services. This DSTV Decoder is very light in weight, users can recharge it whenever the battery goes down.

For users to be able to make use of these decoders to access DSTV services on them they have to subscribe to any of the available DSTV packages that a DSTV Decoder can access.

DSTV Packages To Subscribe To On Any Decoder

There are lots of packages users can subscribe to on their DST Decoder to enjoy its television services. Users don’t have to be afraid of what packages to subscribe to at any point in time, the DSTV platform allows users to select packages that they can afford at any given point in time. Each of the packages has a specific amount that can be used to acquire them and they vary by country. The packages that can be accessed by any users on their DSTV decoders include.

  • Premium.
  • Compact Plus.
  • Compact.
  • Family.
  • Access.
  • EasyView.

Each of these packages comes with a specific number of DSTV channels that can be viewed by users on their DSTV Decoder. They also vary in the amount or fee, a user can pay to subscribe to them. This allows users to have choices on what packages to subscribe to on their decoder.