DSTV is a digital satellite television service which provides means which users get entertained and informed through its bouquet offers. It is owned by Multichoice. Users can make use of these services offered by DSTV by subscribing for its packages which enables them to view its channels. Users of DSTV that have difficulties when in making use of its services and are in search of where to find solutions. Well, these difficulties can all be addressed with the use of DSTV Self Service.

DSTV Self Service - DStv Eazy Self Service

DSTV Self Service is a medium which DSTV users get a possible solution for different issues encountered when in use or about to use the DSTV platform. This service was designed by DSTV to enable users to have a positive relief when in use of its services. Users can access the DSTV Self Service on the website. The URL used to access this website is http://eazy.dstv.com.

DSTV Self Service Features

The DSTV Self Service has a lot of features which users can benefit from. The self service enables users to get solutions to problem relating to DSTV usage. The things users can do with the use of DSTV Self Service.

  • Error Messages Clearing.
  • Checking of the amount due and subscription status.
  • Viewing of how to videos with it.
  • E-mail address updating.
  • Updating mobile number.
  • Finding a DSTV installer.
  • Account personalizing.
  • It enables users to discover where to make payments for a subscription.
  • Information on the different packages which DSTV offers is on it.
  • Users can easily locate a nearby DSTV with it.

These are the services DSTV Self Service offers to users. As said earlier, users can get all these services on the website, which is eazy.dstv.com. The URL is http://eazy.dstv.com. Users can use this link to visit the page and make use of the DSTV Self Service.

DSTV Payment

They are different methods on how to carry out the DSTV payment. They include.

  • Cash Payment.
  • Cheque.
  • Internet Banking.
  • Debit Order.
  • Mobile Banking.
  • Other Channels.

Users can carry out the DSTV payment paying with cash at any Multichoice Branch or bank close to them. Bank cheques are only for making payments for DSTV at any Multichoice center. Users can only make use of these cheques for bank corporate accounts.

There are many internet banking means to use to make DSTV payments. These internet banking means are provided by banks. So all the user has to do is to download the app or visit their bank’s internet banking platform and use it to make DSTV payments. DSTV payment with mobile banking, on the other hand, is different. Users have to know the mobile banking USSD codes for their respective banks to be able to make use of DSTV payment option on their mobile phones.

They are many other means through which users can make DSTV payment, these means include ATM, POS, Quickteller.com, eazymoney.com and much more. Users have to contact DSTV to avoid issues after making payments.

How To Fix Error With DSTV Self Service Web Platform

DSTV Self Service provides means through which users can fix DSTV errors on its web platform. This is an easy to use the feature on the web platform. The steps to follow to do this are.

  1. Open the link http://eazy.dstv.com on your device’s web browser.
  2. Click on the Fix Errors button.
  3. Enter your valid DSTV smartcard number.
  4. Select the error to fix.
  5. Enter the captcha text in the required field.
  6. Click the Fix Error button.

Users will see a message will be on the screen, showing that the error fixing process is complete. Users can fix DSTV errors using DSTV Self Service with the above steps.