Are you having a problem with Duolingo log in whereby you are not able to log in to your Duolingo account? Or perhaps your login request fails why trying to provide the login details? Moreover, the Duolingo log in is a procedure that allows eligible account users to access the platform by providing the confidential login details which include (email address or username and password) that is registered to the platform.

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In this article, you can learn how to log in into your Duolingo account and other means you can also use to log in like you Facebook & Google account. In the meantime, Duolingo is a website where you learn all kinds of languages worldwide. This actually helps you to learn a language for free on the social media platform. Therefore logging into the platform gives you the ability to come across all kind of different language which is more fun and addictive. As well as it can also earn points for providing correct answers to questions and lots more.

How to Login to your Duolingo Account on the App and Web

First of all logging into the Duolingo application gives you easier way to quickly learn languages and access score directly from the mobile phone with ease from any part of the world. Note if you don’t have the Duolingo app quickly visit your various app store on your mobile phone to download the app. But if you already have the app on your mobile phone you can access the following process.

On android:

  • Open the app on your android mobile phone.
  • Then you can click on “I already have an account” on the app page.
  • Next, you see the “Sign in” screen and click on it.

IOS App:

However, signing into the Duolingo on the IOS App can be a little complicated. Therefore you can use the following process.

  •  Go to the “Profile” icon.
  • You can click “Sign in” on the screen
  • Finally, enter your email/username and password.

However, to access your account on the web you can simply visit the website  Then you can enter your login details i.e. your email address or username and password on the subjected box, finally, click the sign in icon.

Procedures to Duolingo Login via Google and Facebook Account

Perhaps you register for the Duolingo using your Google or Facebook account. You can as well access the account back using your log in details. Note the login details should be an account registered to the Duolingo in other to avoid issues accessing your account.

Therefore access the link above and then it will direct you to the login portal where you can access the Facebook or Google log in portals. Afterward, you can select either Facebook or Google depending on the one you use to open an account. Finally to log in enter your Facebook account login details or your Google account login details.