Easy Ways to Make Money on Facebook in Nigeria

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Easy Ways to Make Money on Facebook – Do you know that you can turn your Facebook account into a money-making avenue? Well, there are several ways that you can use your Facebook account to start making money.

Easy Ways to Make Money on Facebook in Nigeria

In this guide, we have provided details on how to unravel the earning potential of one of the biggest social media platforms, Facebook.

Facebook has more than 2.7 billion active monthly users, and it is also among the largest social media platforms in the world. With its wide audience, you can use this medium to start making money from the platform.

You can either sell products and services, build a profitable network, or even run ads. If you follow the right method, you can make money on Facebook. What can I do to earn on Facebook? Read through this article to find out.

9 Easy Ways to Make Money on Facebook in Nigeria

The lists below are some legitimate ways to make money on Facebook. You can easily start making money on Facebook with either of these methods.

Facebook Creators Studio

If you have a huge following on your Facebook account, then you have the potential to generate a six-figure income within a short period of time.

As a Facebook creator, you will get paid for advertising that is displayed on your page. Facebook in-stream advertising enables you to make money from your Facebook page by allowing Facebook to put ads in your video content.

Your revenue grows as views on your video grow. You can also get compensated for sponsored content by partnering with businesses that then market their goods and services on your page.

Facebook Ads

You can make ads for other people’s Facebook pages and your own as well. You can design some Facebook advertising as a company owner to boost brand exposure, sales conversion, and website traffic. However, you need to have a Facebook page for your website or company to do this.

Every website is qualified, and creating a new page is free and requires a few minutes. After creating a page, you can easily share posts with your followers. The Facebook pages are just like a mailing list, where you have to send messages to your fans constantly.

Social Media Influencer

This is also another way for you to earn money on Facebook. If you have a large Facebook following, you can use this to make money by becoming a social media influencer.

There are several brands that look for micro and macro social media influencers who have a large following and can help them market their goods to their target audience.

Several Nigerian influencers make money by easily advertising brand items on their pages. You can also earn money by promoting brand products and services on your Facebook profile.

Buy and Sell Groups

Facebook makes selling a lot easier by enabling you to share your post with several groups and even some Facebook pages. Every Facebook group has its own rules, so you need to make sure that you read them before making a post.

However, if you don’t follow the rules, the group administrators may have to delete your post from the group or even delete your post.

Sponsored Likes and Shares

Lots of people make use of this method to add to their income. If you have tons of Facebook connections, then you might make use of services such as Fiverr to provide likes and shares of a particular post for a price.

The more Facebook friends you have, the more companies are willing to pay you to advertise their products on your page.

Facebook Social Media Manager for Brands

If you are really good at maintaining a business social media account, then this is another great way to make money from your Facebook.

There are lots of duties for business owners, and thus they are looking for people who have the ability to manage their social media accounts, help them enhance brand communication with customers, and establish their online presence.

You will also be required to handle other social media accounts. This is also an ideal method to add to your income.

Create Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Live Video is another fun way to develop personal brands and connect with your followers. You can easily create videos that showcase you using a product or doing other things.

You can also host a live Q&A (question and answer) session where the live viewers text their questions and you will answer their questions. Through this, you can also make money on Facebook.

Participate In Contests

Some blogs and companies run contests every week or month. You can earn entries into this contest by sharing your link on Facebook. Also, you can follow the contest’s Facebook page.

You can also join contest giveaway groups to get the best opportunities. One of the best things about these contests is that they are free to participate. Each giveaway is different; however, you might have the chance to also win Amazon gift cards and more.

Create a Facebook Post

If you have something you want to sell, you can write about it on your Facebook account and post it. Write about what you want to sell and upload it.

You can also add a picture of the item you want to sell for better advertising. The posts that you share with your Facebook friends can also be seen by people who aren’t your friends.

The list above shows some of the best ways you can use your Facebook account to make money and earn a steady income.