eBay is no doubt one of the best global eCommerce platforms that have been able to connect millions of buyers and sellers from across the world. However, to access the eBay services like track all your buying and selling activities, view items, find your favorite sellers and searches, and a lot more, you need to access eBay Login. You might be wondering how you can get to access this feature. Well, you can log in to your eBay account using the website or via the mobile app but you must have registered for an account with the platform.

The eBay Account Login feature is a vital aspect that needs to be carried out by all registered users of the service that wish to access their account. To successfully sign in to your account via the web or with its mobile app. You will need your accurate login credentials. These login credentials comprise your eBay ID and Password. Once you have successfully logged in to your eBay account. You can personalize your shopping experience and discover all its exclusive orders and deals.

Additionally, the eBay log-in process enables users to use their credit card or Mastercard to perform payments. Whether you have registered for a Buyer or a Seller account with eBay. You can sign in to your account and it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the UK or another part of the world. You can check out the next outline for steps and guidelines to follow.

eBay Account Login

In this part, we will be showing you the steps to follow to log in to your eBay account. Signing in to your eBay account is quite easy and simple to go about. You can sign in to your account using your email or username, Facebook, Google, and Apple Account. However, you will need your correct login credentials to sign in to your account. Below are the steps and guidelines to follow;

Sign In With Email or Username

  • Open your computer web browser
  • Visit the official website of eBay
  • At the homepage, you will find the sign in icon at the top of the page
  • Click on the sign in icon and you will be redirected to the sign in page
  • Enter your email address or username
  • Select continue
  • Enter your password
  • Then, click on the sign in icon

Sign In With Google

  • On the eBay Login page
  • Click on continue with Google
  • Select the Google Account associated with eBay Account
  • Click on continue with your Google Username

Log in With Facebook

  • On the eBay Sign in page
  • Click on continue with Facebook
  • Login to the Facebook account used to set Up an account with eBay
  • Click on continue with your Facebook username

eBay Login With Apple

  • On the eBay Login page
  • Select continue with Apple
  • Enter your Apple ID and click on the arrow
  • Input your Apple Password and tap on the arrow
  • Choose Allow in the pop up
  • A 6-digit Apple verification code will be sent to your Apple device
  • Enter the verification code and select Trust this Browser
  • Select Continue

There you have it. The above-listed steps and guidelines are easy and simple ways to sign in to your eBay account. Note that; aside from the eBay official website. You can also sign in to your account using the mobile app for android and iOS users. Simply visit your Google Play or App Store to download the app.