Ecwid Facebook Store

Do you know the Ecwid Facebook Store? Ecwid is one of the hosted solutions for building stores online. This is very much unlike other competing e-commerce sites like Shopify volusion and even big commerce. The Ecwid service is free and is directed towards those who already have a website and wishes to add an online store to it. Very much like many other e-commerce websites, Ecwid allows users to set up a long list of products, add their pricing, photos, and even weight. With Ecwid you can define credit card payments, shipping rates, and so many others.

Ecwid Facebook Store - Facebook Buy and Sell

Features of Ecwid

There are quite a few features that make the Ecwid ecommerce store very special. These features are listed below;

  • Responsive storefronts: this is one of the most important and available features of every e-commerce store. This feature makes your products to function very well irrespective of the device used to access the store.
  • Functioning point of sale: because of this feature, you can now use Ecwid store to sell products not just online but also at various locations. This is more like a POS machine. If you know what a POS is. With the Ecwid point of sale, it doesn’t matter where the consumer us the product from, it all stays synced. This can be done easily by downloading the Ecwid app for iOS devices and connect it to PayPal. For more instructions on how to do this, you can make advantage of google to search it up.
  • Detection of language: Ecwid can be translated to over fifty different languages. A customer can decide to view your store in the language they like best.

The best feature of the Ecwid ecommerce store is the free feature. This means that you could use Ecwid for as long as you like for free. The Ecwid store allows you to feature up to ten products in two categories.

How to Open an Ecwid Account That Is Linked To Your Facebook Account

You can easily set up a store on Ecwid if you have an account. To open Ecwid account, follow the guidelines below;

  • Advance to
  • Click on the get started button you find on this page.
  • Choose the sign option up with Facebook rom the new page.
  • Allow Ecwid to connect to your Facebook account.
  • Enter your mail and click on “set up your store”.
  • You would now be further asked to set up your store.

When you complete this step, click on “complete registration” and you would be logged in to your store control panel. Your account can also be upgraded anytime you like for more features.