Evernote – Organize Your Notes with Evernote

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Evernote is a note-taking, Archiving, and Collaboration powerhouse App. That in 2011 has over 1million users. It’s growing fast today with lots of great and outstanding features. Which gives it user the ability to create a brainstorming presentation, digitizing papers documents, shopping lists, and lots more everywhere you go.

Evernote - Organize Your Notes with Evernote

What you can do with Evernote 

Let’s say you are a reporter for a news agency. You are waiting for a cab to go to work. When suddenly event that needs to document came up right close to you. You can just pick out your device startup your Evernote application. Create a new note and start documenting. With this application, you can record audio and take a picture of the event. Evernote automatically adds the picture and the audio to the note.

That’s a quick one on the event you just documented. Now when you get to your office you turn on your computer. Login to your account you will see that your note has automatically synced to your PC right from your device. You can follow up on the photo and audio you recorded. Write a fascinating story right from your Evernote app. You can

  • Type a Text.
  • Record an Audio.
  • Take Photos.
  • Save Web Pages.
  • Import any file.

Evernote is a software that takes every note. In every way and goes everywhere every time. You can get and Capture your note from anywhere Using your

  • PC (Mac or Windows).
  • Android Device.
  • Blackberry.
  • Windows phone.
  • IPhone.

All of these devices in which you use Evernote are connected to your one user name via the cloud. Remember when you created a note with your mobile phone and access them magically on your PC. everything synchronizes through the web.

How to Download and Install Evernote on PC.

Today in this tutorial I we be talking about how to download this app. Using both the Firefox browser and internet explorer. By default the first Step you need to take to download this application. Open your default web browser application if you are using Firefox browser, Google chrome browser or any other browser. You can be able to download this application.

Firefox browser and internet explorer has different user function. If you are using any of these browsers here is a quick review on how you can download this application software. Using Firefox browser and internet explorer. Just follow the step below.

How to Download Evernote with Internet Explorer.

  1. Run the Internet Explorer browser application.
  2. On your web browser go to the address bar and enter the url www.evernote .com.
  3. On the home page go to the product area and click on ever note.
  4. Now click get Evernote for windows.
  5. If your pop up blocker is enable you we have to go up to the bar right and select download file.
  6. You can wait for the next dialog box to pop up and you can click run to install the App.

How to Download Evernote using Firefox browser.

  1. Run the Firefox browser application.
  2. On your web browser go to the address bar and enter the url www.evernote .com.
  3. On the home page go to the product area and click on ever note.
  4. Now click get Evernote for windows.
  5. Now the difference in Firefox is that you need to save the file you can’t simply run the file when downloading you have to save it first.

When Internet Explorer pop up the security warning ask you if you want to run or don’t run this program. Click on run to start installing the program. When downloading in progress. Now you need to read the terms and the licenses agreement of the program. After you done reading click on accept terms and click on install. Wait on till the program is installed.

On Firefox after your download is completed. Double click on the setup that was downloaded to start the installation process. After the process is completed it we add a shortcut icon to your desktop. But in case your computer didn’t add a shortcut. Go to your start menu and type Evernote. Go to the Evernote icon drag and drop it on your desktop. Now you we see the shortcut icon on your desktop.

If this is your first time of downloading this application you need to sign up for a free Evernote account. Creating an account with Evernote gives you full access to this application. And your entire document that are stored in the App.

one of the amazing feature about this app that made it stand out from every other Note app. Is that it has the ability to synchronize all your documents automatically. And you can access them in another device when you login to your Evernote account.