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Nowadays, most businesses do depend on Excel to perform special divisions of tasks. It’s very difficult to find that large and small businesses or organizations don’t make use of excel. Attending Excel Courses can be very useful and also serves as a professional skill in terms of improving your business or starting up a new business. However, Excel is not as simple as Microsoft Word, which is why they are several online Excel courses to help you in understanding the fundamentals of Excel which includes advanced excel courses and others.

What’s Excel? Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that was developed by Microsoft for mobile and desktop devices. These devices include; Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android devices. Excel, however, replaced Lotus 123 and entitles you as a user to some unique features which include calculating, Graphing tools, Pivot tables, macro programming language, and many more. Microsoft excel so far has actually come in different versions some of which include Excel 2010 (v14.0), Excel 2013 (v15.0), Excel 2016 (v16.0), and many more. But the version for each device differs. However, excel for mac versions so far includes; 1985 Excel 1.0, 1988 Excel 1.5, 1989 excel 2.2, and more.

Furthermore, from the way Excel looks, it is unimaginable it could be used for business purposes. But according to reports excel is said to be ubiquitous and found almost everywhere around the world by businesses of different kinds and sizes to evaluate the business, projects, and many more. However, taking excel courses could help you increase and build your knowledge on how to organize data in a very easy way, analyze data, make predictions on forecasts and do a lot Excel enables you to do. But keep in mind that excel is not only for making tables.

Why should I study excel courses?

Learning Excel and getting Microsoft Excel training helps a lot in so many aspects. These Aspects include Academics, business, salary increment, and a lot more. You might be wondering what excel has to do with all this. But not to worry all that would be stated for you. However, with no doubt, excel happens to look very intimidating but there’s a lot to benefit from studying Excel courses. Studying Excel courses is also worth it for you most especially if you work with data and numbers. Here are some of the reasons why you should study excel courses;

It increases your worth in the job market

As mentioned earlier, Excel happens to be very ubiquitous all around the world. Therefore, if you are an excel expert, finding a job is very easy. How? Excel skills are highly valued by employers because there are so many ways by which they can be leveraged. Therefore, studying Excel courses will enable you to learn different and more advanced ways of using it which would contribute greatly to your success in the job market.

Excel courses enable you become more efficient

The more Excel training you get, the more you increase greatly in your skills and the more efficiently you can finish lots of projects and tasks given to you.

Excel courses make work easier for you

Doesn’t matter what type of worker you are, you can also benefit from Excel courses. Taking for example as a sales professional you have a lot of calculating to do. But with the use of Excel, you can manage different stages of the sales funnel.

Types of Excel courses

Excel skills for business specialization

This course is for an individual with the interest of developing the most critical and fundamental digital skills today. According to reports and statistics, in the US there are millions of job advertisement and vacancy which requires the Excel skills. Therefore, this Excel course helps learners develop advanced skills for business.

Excel from beginner to advanced

This course would however take you through 4 different levels of Microsoft excel topics which include beginners, intermediate, advanced, and Macros/VBA. However, if you have that interest in taking your excel skills from a beginner level to an expert level and even beyond it, this excel class is a very high recommendation for you.

Data visualization and advanced Excel

This excels course takes about 10 hours to round up but at the same time, there’s a lot to gain. It teaches high and advanced Excel course functions and formulas that cover pivot tables in detail. Not only that but industry guru also teach it. Which would even make learning and understanding very much easier for you. Although, the course is based around the 2013 version and then we are expecting to learn the latest version. But not to worry, as all the versions are of the same formulas.

Learning VBA programming in Excel

Learning VBA programming in excel is an excel class that usually takes place on LinkedIn learning. This one is a more Classical program than the previous which is known as Excel Essentials Training. But compared to Data visualization, it is only 3 hours and 14 minutes material course. This course is however led by a book author which writes on Excel-related topics. However, this course also stand out to be the best Excel training program out of all and one of the top Excel classes so far.