There are lots of social media platforms around today, but among all, Facebook happens to be the most used and most successful platform presently. If you do not have an account on Facebook I think you should rethink your decision because there is a lot to gain from having a Facebook account. In case you have no idea about what Facebook is and does, Facebook is a personal profile people get to own the moment they sign up with Facebook. Facebook has so many features that would wow you, and you get to access all these features the moment you sign up with Facebook.

Facebook Account - Facebook Account Settings

The details you use when creating your own Facebook account is what others on the platform would use in identifying you. Once you sign up with Facebook you get to login your account at any time you wish to as long as you remember your login details. Your login details are your name or username, email address, mobile number and most importantly your password.

Facebook Account Security Page

Facebook account security page is a page developed by Facebook to give Facebook users tips on How to secure or protect their Facebook account profile. There are over 9 million Followers on the page, plus the Page is really helpful when it comes to securing your account.

There are lots of scammers on Facebook today, and trust me the only way to keep yourself safe from them is to has a strong and well-secured profile. With the account security page, all the important security details you need to secure your account would be delivered to you. This info are not just any random info, but firsthand information having to do with the recent security development on Facebook. You can also make some adjustment to your Facebook security settings yourself if you want to.

Facebook Account Sign Up

Millions of people sign up with Facebook yearly, so signing up with Facebook is not much of a big deal. The big deal is when you start making use of the account. I will be giving you some steps on how to sign up with Facebook.

If you have created an email account before, then creating Facebook account should be easy for you. All you have to do is visit the URL www.facebook.comĀ  click sign up on the page, enter your username password and any other required detail and that is it. Just follow the remaining steps required and in no time you would have your own Facebook account.