Facebook Account Settings and Privacy
I know most people, mostly facebook users do not know about this. When I say this I mean the facebook account settings and privacy. They just log in and out of the Facebook system every day. Logging in and out of Facebook is not bad, Mind you. But don’t you think it would be okay to just check on your account every now and then. Well for those who don’t know what the facebook account settings and privacy are, I will be telling it to you soon. But before I go any further, do you know what Facebook is?

Facebook Account Settings and Privacy - Facebook Account

Facebook is an online social media platform where you can chat with family and friends both far and near. With the facebook platform you can easily make friends from around the globe without leaving your region. You cannot just chat with facebook. You can also make voice and video calls with facebook. The platform also has a business feature for both small and large scale businesses.  It is estimated that well over half of the world’s population make use of facebook.

What Is Facebook Account Settings

The facebook account settings feature of facebook is a very essential aspect of facebook in whole. You will know this if you have made use of this feature before. But if you do not know, I am still going to be putting you through. The facebook account settings are a selection of options available to help facebook users in particular manage basic account preferences on their various facebook accounts. This is a place in facebook where you control most if not all the activities of your facebook account. In this place you can actually edit and change your facebook details like your facebook name, notifications preferences, email contact details, security features and so much more.

How to Access Facebook Account Settings

For you to access this facebook feature you need a facebook account. This simply means that if you do not have a facebook account you cannot access this feature. So therefore for you to be able to make use f this feature you need to create your own facebook account. To create a facebook account, visit the official page at www.facebook.com online to create your own account. Now to access the facebook account settings feature follow the steps below;

On Desktop;

  1. Log in to your facebook account.
  2. On your facebook page click on the arrow icon facing down.
  3. Click on settings.
  4. You will be taken directly to your facebook account settings page

You can now edit your facebook profile to what you want it to be.

On Your Mobile App;

  1. Launch the app on your device.
  2. Click on the menu icon. This icon is looking like a three horizontal line over laying each other, which can be found on the top right corner of your facebook page.
  3. You will be taken to facebook account settings menu.

That’s all you need to access this Facebook feature.

 The Facebook Account Privacy

This feature is very much similar to the Facebook account settings. This is because the privacy settings on Facebook can be accessed through the facebook account settings. This is the reason I felt it safe to say what I said.