Facebook Ads Events – How Much Does it Cost to Promote an Event on Facebook

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Advertising your business on Facebook has been a lot easier and effective when it comes the aspect of increasing your brand consideration. Facebook advertising platform has offer different tool to market your business and one of the tools is the Facebook ads events. Therefore, if you want to set up an event and you want to increase your awareness.  You can consider advertising your events on Facebook. Moreover, one reason for advertising your event on Facebook as to do with the capacity of users that make use of Facebook.

Facebook Ads Events - How Much Does it Cost to Promote an Event on Facebook

On the contrary, Facebook ads events allow businesses or marketers to increase their brand consideration as well as increasing your event awareness. Making use of the advertising tool helps to showcase millions of people about your upcoming events which include RSVPs, and also ticket sales. However, with the feature, you can as well engage with people that are interested in such events and also re-target people who already engage with your event ads. 

Facebook Marketing tool or Advertising Objectives to Run Events Ads on Facebook

Most of the reason why business prefers using social media advertising especially Facebook is because of the number of people on the platform. For that reason, with event ads for your business, you can easily increase your ticket sale and also the awareness of your upcoming event with the following advertising objectives.

  • Traffic: this will help you to drive or generate clicks to your mobile app or website as well as your page.
  • Engagement: also, this advertising objective allows you to generate more RSVPs for your upcoming events.
  • Conversions: allows you to increase the sale of your event ticket.

So, therefore, while setting up an advertising campaign for your event, these are the above advertising objective you need to consider.  However, you can set up as many advertising campaigns as you want. See the steps below in other to set up event ads.

Process or Steps on How to Create an Event Ad to Increase the Awareness of your Event

Finally, since we’ve come to know about what advertising objective you can use to advertise your event on Facebook. You can then move forward to the process of how you can get started. Keep in that, the call to action will express as Interested or Get Tickets depending on the advertising objective.

To create an event ad:

  • Firstly access the ads manager, www.facebook.com/adsmanager/creation.
  • Then you can select any of the advertising objectives depending on your event goal.
  • This will open a new set of function in which you’ve to provide the detail shown to you.
  • After filling the options, place your order for it to be reviewed.

Note: your ad will wait in the one section called the Delivery in other to, wait for confirmation. If the advertise you created meets the advertising policy. Once, it does, your advertisement displays on every platform owned by Facebook for people to engage with.