Facebook app is an application developed by a team of programmers in collaboration with Facebook web developers. The app was created to enable Facebook customers to manage their profile easily without going having to visit the Facebook main page through web browsers. Facebook app Runs on several devices like Android phones, iOS devices, window phones, and some blackberry phones. Facebook app is not supported on some versions of operating system. However, you can download a copy of your data on Facebook for record purpose.

Facebook App - Facebook App Download

Facebook app is not supported on some device like some lower versions of window devices, Android devices, etc. so if your device doesn’t support Facebook App, you may not use Facebook mobile on that device. So you will have to upgrade your device to the latest version or get a new device that supports Facebook mobile App.

How to Download Facebook App on Android Device

Tap and open the play store in your phone; you can see the “Play store App” in your device home screen menu. Once the app opens, tap the search bar and type Facebook as the keyword. Doing this should display you some results from the search you made. Tap the Facebook icon a blue icon with a white f on it, tap “install” and wait for a while for the app to download and install the app.

Alternatively, you can navigate https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.katana and install the app by tapping “install.” Tap “accept,” and the play store will automatically download and install the app within a short period, however, this depends on the strength of your wireless connection. Once the application is installed in your phone, it will be seen in your phone’s menu.

How To Download Facebook App On Window Phone

Open the “Market Place” app from the home screen of your phone; tap the search button in the “Market Place” app page and enter “Facebook” in the displayed search field. Tap the Facebook app (a blue icon with a white f on it) from the search result that displays while you are typing.

In the Facebook app download page, tap “install” and wait for a moment for the complete installation of the Facebook app on your phone. The app can be seen in the app folder of your phone once installation is complete.

How to Download Facebook App on Blackberry Phone

Log on to http://www.blackberry.com/facebook in your phone web browser and select “download.”  This will show you language options; select your preferred language option and click “Next”. The application will be downloaded within a short period of time. Your phone will show you a message that says “the application was successfully installed.” The app can be seen in the phone’s app folder.

Downloading Facebook App On iOS Devices

Tap or open the “App Store” app on your ios device. Tap the search field in the app store first page; type “Facebook” and tap the “search” button. This will prompt the app store to locate for the app in their database.

From the result of the search, tap “Facebook.” This will take you to the app download page; tap on “free” then enter your itune ID in text field displayed in the window that pops up. Tap “OK” and Facebook app will be downloaded in your device within a short period of time.

Alternatively, you can download directly from itunes. To do this, connect your pc to your ios device, wait for itune to open and log on to https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/facebook/id284882215?mt=8