Facebook App Store – Facebook App Center

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When you hear or see the topic above, facebook app store, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? I won’t try to sugar coat it or try to sway you in any way. This one is kind of new and strange. One of the questions that pop up whenever this topic is brought up is, does Facebook have an app store? If yes, Facebook really has an app store, what is it like, or what will it be looking like? The answer to the above is yes, Facebook does have an app store. The other questions and every other question you may have regarding the Facebook app store will be answered during the course of this article.

Facebook App Store - Facebook App Center

All You Need To Know

Just recently not too long ago facebook announced the launch of an app store. Just like the apple app store and the google play store, this facebook app store shares similar resemblance. What I mean here is that the facebook app store and both the google play store for android users and the apple app store looks very much alike, although the facebook app store is not here to rival them in any way.

This new app store launched by Facebook is more like a showroom for apps. Unlike the google play store and the apple app store, you cannot buy or download apps from this app store if my findings are right and I believe so. Instead of selling apps, this app center will rather refer you to other app stores like the google play store and the apple app store where you can actually get them.

What Types of Apps Are In Facebook App Store

You can find both android and iOS apps on this app store. Also apps that are built on facebook can also be found here. Just in case you do not know what apps built on facebook are, here it is. These are web apps viewed and used within the facebook site. While other apps that integrate with facebook are those apps that are built on external platforms, but they interface with facebook for login and other features.

Do You Need A Facebook Account To Access This Facebook App Store?

You do not need a facebook account to access this app store. Just like google paly store and the apple app store, it will launch on the web as within the iOS and android apps.

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