Facebook Appstore – The Facebook App Center

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Does Facebook have an app store according to the topic of today which is ‘facebook appstore’ is the first thing that comes to the mind when met with the topic? Most of us are already conversant with the google play store for Android devices and the apple play store for iOS devices. But when it comes to the facebook appstore, it’s a ‘no, no’. this one’s new, trust me. Over 50 % of Facebook users don’t know that Facebook even has an app store. But what is the facebook appstore really all about, although Facebook has launched something similar back in 2007.

That’s what this article is all about, so you don’t need to worry, all you have to do is to follow up with me with great interest on this article, and all your questions related to the facebook appstore will be answered.

Facebook Appstore - The Facebook App Center

What Is The Facebook Appstore?

The Facebook appstore is very much like the google play store and the apple playstore, but with a little yet significant difference. The difference here is that unlike the google playstore and the apple app store you cannot download or buy apps from the facebook appstore. This very app store is just like a showroom for apps.

How Does The Facebook Appstore Look Like?

It is similar to every other playstore you know about and have probably made use of on your android and iOS device. Each app here has a detailed page of the app itself and also a five star rating system. It also has a section for recommended apps, top apps, friend’s apps, top grossing apps and trending apps.

Types of Apps to Find Here

You can find android apps and also apple apps here, but you cannot download them here. Instead you will be directed to the app store or google play store to download the apps. You can also find apps built on facebook here too. In case you do not know what apps built in facebook are, here it is. They are apps that are viewed and used within facebook. While apps that integrate with facebook are those apps that are built on external platforms completely different from facebook but they do interface with facebook for login benefits and other social benefits and features.

How to Access the Facebook Appstore or Center

Just like google play store and apple app store, the facebook appstore will launch on the web and can be accessed there, so therefore accessing shouldn’t be a problem.