Facebook as a Marketing Platform – Digital Marketing

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Have you ever thought of Facebook as a marketing platform? I mean come to think of it. Most Facebook users only know and use facebook for communicating with friends and family both far and near. Most of them have never thought of Facebook as a marketing platform.

Facebook as a Marketing Platform - Digital Marketing

Personally I think they have reasons for this. The reason being that they only want to communicate and connect on the platform. There are those who use facebook for business purposes. these are the users who knows that the facebook platform can actually be used as a marketing platform.

The Relationship between Marketing and Facebook

So many people still don’t understand the relationship between facebook social media platform and marketing. Now here is where you need to be very attentive. Digital marketing is now the new way and form of marketing. People no longer use the native form of advertising. And are therefore using the new form which is digital advertising.

Now there are forms and types of digital advertising. And social media marketing is one of the types of digital advertising. This is where Facebook comes in. facebook is a social media platform. It is not just a social media platform. It is more than just a social media platform. As of his writing, facebook is the largest and most visited social media platform in the world.

How Can Facebook Be Used For Marketing

Now that you know the relationship between facebook and marketing, the next question you might have is ‘how can one market with facebook’. There are features and tools on the facebook platform that helps with this. Some of these tools are built specifically for this purpose. In facebook we have the facebook pages, facebook groups, facebook ads platform and the facebook business platform. These are platforms where facebook user can use to market on the platform.

Facebook Groups

This is a tool on facebook where likeminded people on facebook meet to discuss and share their ideas with one another. On this platform you can easily share your business link and also share your knowledge regarding your brand.

Facebook Pages

This is a place or tool on facebook where you can communicate with your fans on the facebook social media platform on these pages you can update your fans on facebook regularly on your products and brands.

Facebook ads platform

This is a paid form of marketing on facebook unlike the facebook groups and pages. It is also the most effective form of advertising on facebook.

How to Market On Facebook

For you to be able to market on facebook you need to be an active registered user on the platform. This means that you need to have a facebook account. If you do not have a facebook account you cannot market your product and brand on facebook.

You therefore need to create a facebook account if you do not have a facebook account. To create a facebook account, visit the official facebook sign up page at www.facebook.com/signup. On this page you will need to complete the whole sign up process. Once your account have been created you can now access all of facebook marketing platforms.