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One major understating of the social media network is to provide members a constant way of communicating with friends and family through instant messaging or live video. The top social media site “Facebook” interfaces with wide sections of communication with over 100 million users worldwide. Thanks to the addition of the Facebook chat users can actually say express opinions through messaging all over the world and also make a video chats with friends. You can get to locate the “Facebook chat” features on different platforms in this article.

Facebook chat is an important feature that enables users to have the privilege of communicating with family and friends either on private chat or public chat room. With the chat features, you can upload pictures directly for your galley, voice chat, and even use symbols as messages. It also enables you to view friends online at the same time as you are. This allows you to quickly send instant messages simultaneously to different people. Check out where to locate the chat features below:

Facebook Chat Online Messenger

The messenger app showcases the amazing concept of what is well-called instant messaging. Using the messenger app provides you with fascinating chat features that allow you to express your message in a different aspect. For example, you can make a live videos chat, make a call, and also send pictures. It also offers users chat features like Stickers, GIFs, and emojis with the like icon.

Another benefit of the Fb chat provides you with a secret/ private communicating platform and you also get to access your chat conversation history. It also allows you to receive new messages or chat which appears on the messenger for you to easily access. However, it actually provides you with a convenient way to read manage and delete your chats.

Facebook Chat Online via the Web

The beginning of the online chat started with the web, with the web chats users can directly send and receive messages. Ever seen the beginning of Facebook chat with the web it forms a connection with someone who is far from you. With the web, users can perform chat functions like accessing messages, creating a new message, and more.

Chatting on the web is somehow different from the messenger app because you can collapse a conversation and you can also turn off the chat to view it offline. You can check out the below outline to see how to use the chat on various platforms.

How to Chat

If you want to access the message sent to you or you want to make a video call or chat. Firstly if you want to use the messenger app you need to install the app on Android or iOS devices. It’s very simple on the messenger app because it is the main chat room for a mobile phone. For the web platform you can follow the steps:

  • Open the website facebook.com on your computer system to access your account.
  • Then sign in to your account with your email or phone number and password then click sign in.
  • At the top of the screen, you can locate the chat icon to start a conversation.

Once you have access to the chat features you can then use any of the features of chat with friends. While for the messenger app you can click the user and send your message. You can click the “active” icon to see more people and have a conversation.

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