Facebook Dating – How to Start Facebook Dating USA

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Do you know that Facebook now has a dating feature? This can in some ways be called the Facebook dating feature. Just recently Facebook announced the launch of its own dating app like tinder and hinge. And this announcement as got Facebook users all over the world all hyped up and excited.  But not everyone knows of this development with Facebook. So therefore for the benefit of those who don’t know about this, I will be telling you all you need to know on this Facebook app and feature.

Facebook Dating - How to Start Facebook Dating USA

During Facebook’s recent F8 conference the platform announced a dating app. The app has already been launched in some countries in the world but it is not yet available to users in the United States of America. To be precise the Facebook feature has already been launched in five countries around the world, with expansion expected in 14 more countries.

Is Facebook Dating Available?

Users access Facebook Dating through the Facebook app, which you probably already have on your phone. (You can only get to Dating on the company’s iOS or Android app, not on desktop.) Facebook will prompt you to set up a dating profile if you haven’t already.

How the Facebook Dating App Looks Like

The Facebook dating app looks very much like hinge which is its closest competitor. On this app, you don’t swipe on potential matches instead you scroll down on them and answer question prompts. The platform is also integrated with Facebook groups and events, so, therefore, you can find more intimate partners.

The platform is available to users age 18 and older. For now, the platform is free and contains no ads and paid features. When you finally decide to opt-in this Facebook feature you will be prompted to create your own dating profile with a limited amount of profile information. This information will be shown to your matches.

Some Notable Features of This Facebook Tool

This Facebook feature does not have an app of its own as of yet. It is built directly into the Facebook mobile app. One of the most notable features of this tool is the secret crush feature. With this feature, users of this tool will be able to see those who are romantically interested in them. With this secret crush feature, you as a user will be able to list interest in nine friends on the platform.

If any of these friends like you back on the platform you will be notified that someone likes you on the platform. The other person will also be notified. If the said person also picks you as a secret crush you both also get notified. For those who will love to get access to this feature here is what you should know. This tool is only available to a few countries with access to Facebook. So therefore if you do not find this feature on your Facebook mobile app, know that it is not yet available to your region or country.

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