Facebook Dating Lunch App – Facebook’s new Dating Free Feature | Facebook Dating App 2020 Download Free

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Is there anything like a Facebook dating app? What do you think of an actual facebook dating app? Personally, I think it will be really cool if Facebook has a dating app of its own. If you are used to the Facebook platform you will see that the platform’s mission is to bring and connect the world together via a simple medium. Dating in Facebook lunch it’s a new app alongside with is new dating free features which you can get the Facebook dating app 2020 download free.

Facebook Dating Lunch App - Facebook's new Dating Free Feature |  Facebook Dating App 2020 Download Free

The platform altogether has helped in uniting lost friends and family and at the same time keeping long distance friends close. The platform has also helped to unite different businesses with their customers and clients. But there is something about the facebook platform though. Since the platform generally connects people and organizations, someone can easily find love, connect and hook up on the platform. But Facebook has not been much of an intimate and romantic platform. It has left that aspect to other platforms like tinder.

Just recently Facebook has announced the launch of a dating app. The announcement was done on May 1st during one of Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference.

What Does the Announcement of Facebook’s Dating App Announcement Look for Other Dating Sites?

Personally, I think that these dating apps should all have something to be worried about. Facebook has always been a powerhouse for linking and connecting. And it has so far done a great job on that aspect. With this note, I think other online dating platforms should be worried.

They should upgrade their features so as to keep their users and customers and also be in the market. On the day of the Facebook dating app announcement match group which is the owner of platforms like tinder experienced fall in its shares by a whopping 17%.

How Will the Facebook Dating App Look Like

It is still not clear how the Facebook dating app will look like. But Jane manhunt Wong, who is an app developer and researcher. Discovered some of the app’s features online and posted screenshots of it on twitter. Jilliani Stefanski a spokeswoman of Facebook recently stated. Via an email tat Facebook hasn’t yet decided a release date for the said app.

But one thing she knows is that US-based Facebook employees are testing the app. When this app will be released, that is if it will be released is still unknown. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been stressing a lot on time well spent on all of its apps, so therefore if Facebook can pull this one off it will be a big win for them, not only them but also to the users of this wonderful app.