Are you a developer looking for the largest cloud to features your app or you would like to create an app for Facebook to earn a bigger income? The Facebook developer is an individual who possesses the skills of building and creating software applications. However Facebook for the past decade been on connecting with friends and family. But with the next focus developer can easily manage apps without needing to be a worker on Facebook. Facebook for developer gives developers the opportunity to enable them to showcase their skilling in creating and managing apps.

Facebook Developer - Creating Application From Facebook Developer  

Particularly, every intention of becoming a developer requires a tool and structures to help build apps. Therefore it provides you with developer tools such as Graph API Explorer, Sharing Debugger, Access Token Debugger, and other tools to help your app run effectively.  There are various aspects to become on developer on Facebook. For example, you can develop games for Facebook Gameroom or social integration.  With the guild below you can access thing you need to access the platform.

How to Create a Facebook Developer Account

The first thing that can lead you to successfully become a Facebook developer is if you have an account. However, creating a developer account give you the access to use the tool to build the app. Use the following guide below to create an account:

  • On your web browser visit on your computer system and click enter to access the page.
  • At the top right corner of the page locate the login icon and click on the icon. Then create a new account and fill out the details fields.
  • Verify your phone number and enter the code send to you on the field.

Congrats you now have a valid developer account and can now access the tool to develop the app. Note that if you already have a Facebook can you can sign in with your normal account details. You can now set up your application right away.

Creating Application from Facebook Developer  

However, it won’t be hard for you to create an app seen. You actually familiar with the structures and developer tools to create an application. Note that to create an app a developer account is required and s you can view this short details.

  • Access the URL above and log in your Facebook account or developer account.
  • Then you can locate my app at the top right side of the page and click “username’s first app”.
  • On top of the dashboard click the drop-down arrow and click “create new app”.

Finally, you can follow the instruction and use the tools to create an app. You can also create a test app, to begin with, and you can delete your app if you feel inconvenient about the platform. Hope you got the right tool to have your app ready for use.