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Facebook has widely taken over every angle all over the world with a new invention since its inception as a networking site. One important aspect where Facebook serves a major role in billions of people all over the world is the Facebook Fundraiser. This has become an important tool nonprofit organization to enable them to connect with supporters to raise fund. As a matter of fact, in other, for non-profits organization to easily raise fund, Facebook then release a new integration known as the Facebook Donate Button.

Facebook Donate Button - How Does the Donate Button Work on Facebook | Donate Button on Facebook Page

On the contrary, the Facebook Donate Button is a feature add to the fundraiser tools which provides an easy and quick way people can donate to nonprofits organization with having to live Facebook. This new integration allows you to add the donate button to your page (a verified page on Facebook), and also post so as to make it simple for supporters to be able to contribute within a few seconds.

Benefits of Facebook Donate Button to your Nonprofit Organizations

Basically, nonprofits organization use Facebook to perform some various activities such as to share new, connect to supporters, engage the public in their work and more of all fundraising. Contrarily, Facebook has made it easier to grow nonprofits organization. Whereby, with millions connected to nonprofit pages, it actually one of the most powerful places where you can motivate people to give to the cause they care about.

The most important of all is to raise funds through the donate button where nonprofits can drive audiences to donate for a particular cause through a website on their page header or ads. Next, you can learn how to add Facebook Donate Button on different categories.

How to Add A Donate Button

There are various aspects where you can integrate the donate button and that includes your page, post, and ads. This are the following steps you need;

To Add Donate Button to a Page

  • Go to your nonprofit page (Must be page Admin).
  • Select + Add a button or if you already have a CTA button hover over it and click Edit Button.
  • Select Donate through Facebook to let people donate directly through Facebook.
  • Click Finish.

To Add Donate Button to Posts

  • On your Facebook Page, begin creating a post.
  • Scroll down the post actions and tap Support nonprofit.
  • Select the nonprofit you want to raise money for.
  • Add a photo.
  • Tap Continue to confirm you want to publicly post.
  • Click Publish.

To Add Donate Button to An Ad

  • Create an ad in Ad Manager with one of these objectives:
  • “Send people to your website,”
  • “Increase conversions on your website”
  • “Get installs of your app.”
  • Next, when choosing your ad creative, you’ll be given the option to add a call-to-action button.
  • Choose Donate from the dropdown list and place your order.

You need to consider the following that donates button page header directly is currently accessible to the US and UK on-boarded organizations.

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