Facebook Fan Page – How do I make my Facebook a Fan Page | Fans Page

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What’s Facebook Fan page? Facebook is a social media network. That has millions of users that are constantly logged in daily. Each user has a personal account that he or she can login with. In other to connect with other Facebook users. Now this bring us to facebook fan page.

Facebook Fan Page - How do I make my Facebook a Fan Page | Fans Page

Facebook Fan Page is a place to interact with your customers and fans. Business and Organizations can create a Fan page. Where other facebook user can like their Business and become a fan. Users can also use facebook search tab to search for business page. As a Business owner when you create a Facebook Fan page. It’s like putting your business on the internet. Where by your fans can see the information you post on your page. View your photos and gets updates about your company latest news. By clicking on the like icon of your fan page. By default the user automatically gets notification on his or her wall.

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page.

If you want to create a facebook fan page for your business. You need to have a personal account on facebook. Creating a fan page is very easy just follow my instructions below.

Step 1.

Go to the top right Conner of your facebook account. By default this is the home page after when you logged in to your facebook account. Locate where you have a drop-down arrow at the top right corner. Click on the arrow and you we see list of options.

Step 2.

Click on create page option icon on the dropdown menu. It we take you to the create a page window of where you can select a category for your page you are trying to create. The category gives your audience easy understanding of the page you created. So you just to fine what category is appropriate for the page you are trying to create.

Step 3.

Select the best category that matches your business or product. Let’s take for instance you are an affiliate marketer or an internet marketer you can select the Internet and software sub category. Or maybe you own a small business. Like a book store click on local business. lou see a sub menu asking you to chose a category. Click on it and select Book store.

Step 4.

Now this is a very complicated aspect when creating a Fan page for your business. You need to give your page a unique Name or whatever the title of your company is called. So that your customers can be able to identify your business.


Now that you have created the page title, category, you need to setup the page so as to get a better outlook for your audience. Facebook already has an automated step to guide you through. The first step is.

  • A good description of your business. you have to tell people your business is all about in the description.
  • You need to upload a picture that describes your business or your company logo.
  • Select Location, Age, Gender and Interest of people you want to view your page.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page

is like creating a network with your customers. With Facebook fan page you can showcase your product and service to other users on Facebook. It is a good marketing strategy because an average internet user spends close to an hour or more on Facebook. This makes it a great way to reach your audience and telling them more about your business.

Setting up a Facebook fan page is an easy way to grow your business and reach you targeted market. If you know how to set it up correctly and constantly posting content and interacting with people on the largest social media network.