Facebook Game Credits – Facebook Gameroom | Facebook Gift Cards

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Do you know what facebook game credits are? By the name you should know that it is associated with facebook games and you already know that you can play games on the platform, Facebook, right? If you didn’t know about the latter now you know. Facebook users can actually play games via their facebook accounts on the Facebook platform. Games on facebook can be accessed across all facebook platforms like the facebook app, messenger app, and the facebook gamesroom.

Facebook Game Credits - Facebook Gameroom | Facebook Gift Cards

Now, enough of the facebook games, what is “facebook game credits”? This is a feature of the Facebook gaming platform. Although it is no more, it has been remodeled. “Facebook game credits” is more like a virtual currency on the facebook platform. This virtual currency, of course, has a monetary value. It can be used to buy or purchase in-game and in apps items. What I mean by the above is that with this virtual currency gamers on the facebook platform can buy items when playing games on the Facebook platform.

A good example of a game where you can purchase items with this currency is the Farmville game which is one of the most popular games on the platform. One U.S dollar was equivalent to 10 facebook credits. Ti was then available in 15 currencies. The feature was discontinued in 2012 when Facebook announced that it would no longer make use of the system in the platform but rather would let users with credits convert them into their own currencies. The feature was officially removed from the Facebook platform in September 2013.

How to Make Use of Facebook Game Credits

You need to be a registered active user of the platform to be able to make use of this then facebook feature as it was exclusive to Facebook users only. If you are not yet a Facebook user or you do not have a facebook account you cannot make use of the feature on Facebook. To, therefore, make use of the feature then you had to create your own Facebook account.

Creating a Facebook account is easy. All you have to do to make this possible is to visit the official facebook sign up page at www.facebook.com/signup and follow the on-screen instructions. Once your account has been created, you can now make use of the facebook game credits.

How to Get the Facebook Game Credits

Getting the facebook game credits us easy. These credits can be purchased within the facebook platform and also via other online and offline channels or platforms. They can be purchased then in the form of gift cards on famous retail outlets like Walmart, best buy, radio shack, GameStop, Safeway, Tesco and other game shops across the globe including the U.S and the U.K. you can also get these cards on online platforms like rixty, shopkick, ifeelsgood, appDog, Trialpay, dealspot and so much more. To get this credits within facebook, follow the steps below;

  • Login your Facebook account.
  • Click on the menu icon at the top right corner of your Facebook account page.
  • Click on account settings.
  • Select the payments tab on the account settings page.
  • On the payments tab, you can now buy more credits, view your credit history, manage your payments method or change your preferred currency.

You can purchase these credits using your credit cards, PayPal account or your mobile phone. It is important that you know that this feature is no longer continued on the facebook platform. The reason for this article is therefore for enlightenment.

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