Do you know what Facebook game stream is all about? Do you know that each month 700million people play games on Facebook? They also watch games or engage in gaming groups on the platform. This is due to the fact that gaming on facebook is now more popular than it used to be. Normally facebook users couldn’t play games on the platform. The main purpose of facebook was communication and connection between friends and family. But Facebook is a platform that keeps exploring new platforms. Now as a facebook user the things we can do on the platform and that include playing games.

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Facebook users, on the other hand, cannot only play games on the platform. Facebook users can now stream their games live while playing. This has been going on in some platforms already and facebook doesn’t want to feel left out as they feel an obligation to give users and gamers the best experience ever. So do you feel like having the whole world watch you while you play on facebook? If you feel so, you have to continue reading this piece. Joining the game streaming program on facebook has its own perks and benefits though. Engaging in this program links you with like-minded people and other game developers.

Facebook Game Stream – How to Stream Games on Facebook

Well, this is an easy one. For you to make your streaming go live on facebook you have to go through three steps and they are the sign-up step, set up step and lastly go live. On the sign-up step, you need to create a gaming video creator page. Follow the steps below to create a gaming creator page;

  • Visit the gaming creator page via this link
  • Provide a name for your page.
  • Select continue.
  • Upload a profile picture for your page or skip.
  • Also, upload a cover photo or skip the step.
  • Lastly, select the send notifications tab to notify or alert your friends on facebook about your page or you can skip the step by selecting the not now tab.

After creating your gaming page you can now proceed to the setup stage. To complete this process you will need to set up streamlabs, OBS and XSPLIT software’s on your device. When you are done setting up you can now proceed to go live. To go live follow the steps below;

How to Go Live on Facebook

  • Go to
  • On the page, select create live stream.
  • Choose where you want your live stream to appear under the post tab.
  • Copy and paste the server URL or your stream key into the settings of your streaming software. You will have to enable persistent stream key in order to make streaming a bit easier next time.
  • Start streaming using your streaming software.
  • You will have to name your stream so your viewers can easily relate.
  • Lastly, click on Go Live.

That’s all on going live on game streaming. The whole process is a bit sketchy and technical most especially the setup stage. For more information visit this link Here.