What is the facebook gameroom app? Are you looking for a great place to play games? Well, I know a place, a platform to be precise. Do you want to know about it? Don’t worry I will be telling you in a bit. This place is facebook Gameroom. It is a more advanced form of facebook games. It is a place where you get all of the facebook games and other web games on one platform, an app to be precise.

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Do you even know that you can play games on facebook? This is something most people still don’t know. Yes, of course, you can actually play real games on facebook. Since conceding defeat to android and iOS devices on mobile gaming facebook has moved in big time to invest on PC gaming.  Some facebook user knows this independent facebook app as facebook games arcade. This was what it was formerly known as, just in case you are being confused.

All You Need To Know About the Facebook Gameroom App

If you do not know about this app or maybe you haven’t made use of this app before, you obviously do not know a lot about this app. below are some key facts to note about this app;

  1. The facebook Gameroom app is an independent app or better still a stand-alone app.
  2. You can play games on this app without having to log in to your Facebook account through a web browser.
  3. Players can access games that they already play on the Facebook social media site.
  4. You can also browse menus of other games on the app.
  5. The games suggestions here are divided into genres.
  6. You also get games suggestions and are based on similarities to other games liked by the player

If you want to enjoy this app you need to start making use of it today.

How to Download the Facebook Gameroom App

To successfully download the facebook Gameroom app follow the steps below. You should know that the app is only available to running windows 7 and above. To download and install the Gameroom app follow the steps below;

  1. On your PC go to www.facebook.com/gameroom.
  2. Click on the download Gameroom tab.
  3. Follow the instructions that follow to successfully download and install the app.

That’s all you need to download the app. the facebook Gameroom is currently not available for Mac or Linux.