Facebook Job Ads – How to Advertise & Post Jobs on Facebook

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Do you know how to advertise or post jobs on Facebook or are you getting poor performance on your job ads on Facebook? Whether you don’t know or having issues driving more traffic to your job is something all of us can relate to. On the contrary, well-designed Facebook job ads will definitely attract and target applicants with the unique criteria for your company’s roles. Moreover, Facebook job ads are apparently one of the unique ways to find potential candidates for your open role in your business. Also, its offers paid advertising options that let you select desired audiences and promote your company to people who are likely to be interested in your jobs.

Facebook offers various advertising option that allows you get connected to desired audiences and most of all promote your company to millions of people who are looking or interested in your job offer. However, posting or creating Facebook job ads acquires a set up of a Facebook page of your company or organization in other to create and manage your jobs ads post. Afterward, you can learn how to create a job ad on Facebook.

Steps to Advertise Jobs on Facebook

Facebook page is one of the major free tools of advertising whereby businesses, brands, and public figures make use of to connect with their fans on Facebook. However, you can advertise jobs through your company’s page for open positions so that people can see and apply. Here are to advertise a job 

  • Above Write a post… at the top of your Page’s timeline, click Job.
  • Then upload a photo, enter a job title, thoroughly describe the position and add other details to your post:
  • For example, the location of your company, job salary and ensure that add Additional Questions if you want to ask applicants more questions.
  • Select how you want to receive job applications by email instead of your Page messages inbox.
  • Then scroll down to the bottom and enter your email address below Receive applications by email.
  • Next in the column on the right, click Desktop News Feed or Mobile News Feed to see what your job post looks like on desktop computers or mobile devices.

Lastly, you can then click Post, and once it’s posted people will be able to see your r jobs post in the new jobs bookmark on Facebook or on the marketplace.

Facebook Job Ads – Tips to Attract Applicants with an Effective Job Post 

Lack of awareness usually leads to a performance of Facebook Job Ads there we have provides the key idea that will help people know about your job opening and apply for your open job. This includes the following

  • Ensure that you stated a clear, well-designed and easy-to-understand detail of your job opening
  • You are advised to provide an accurate job description that includes job title, location to increase relevancy.
  • Also provide entails of salary, benefits, working hour and probably allowance for the open job role.
  • Makes use of extra question so as to learn more about the candidate you need for the open job role.

In addition, make sure you keep track of applicants through jobs management tools which allows you to organize interviews. Lastly, never level an applicant on hold, hence you need to be in a timely manner so as to allow people to know their stands.

How to create a Facebook ad for your job post

This can be simple for users who follow the steps and procedures given to them. Meanwhile, creating a Facebook ad for your job post gives you the opportunity to enrich more people all over the world to know more about your product. Also, you need your lunch with your ADS Manager through your Facebook company page. Then, create ADS” option in the dropdown menu at the right top corner of the page. Instead, you can visit https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager where you would see all the full procedures.

  • Create your Ads Campaign
  • Set Up your AD Account
  • Create an Ads set
  • Create your AD

In short, then you can follow the other procedure shown on your device screen in other to complete your creating of Facebook ads for your job post

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