Everyone on Facebook has once a time while on the platform received facebook message requests. What are facebook message requests? This is a tool on the facebook platform under the main facebook massaging feature. Message requests on the platform tell facebook users when someone they are not friends with sending them messages. Facebook has lots of features and tools that make people want to continue making use of the platform.

Facebook Message Requests - Message Requests on Messenger | Message Request Settings

Facebook has made it possible to communicate with both connections and non-connections on the platform, hence the introduction of the facebook message requests. Normally when a friend on our contact list on facebook messages us it goes straight into our message inbox but when a person who is not a friend messages us, where does it go to? Nice question. When we are messaged by such persons it goes directly into our message request inbox.

How to Access Message Requests on Facebook

Accessing this feature on the Facebook platform is easy but you must first be a registered user of the platform. Since this is a Facebook feature it is only available and accessible to facebook users. If you are not a Facebook account holder you cannot get access to this feature on the platform. What you need to do in this position is to, therefore, create a facebook account.

Creating an account or registering with Facebook is easy. All you need to get this done is to go to Facebook. On the facebook sign up page follow the prompt to successfully create your own account. Once your account has been created you will be granted unlimited access to all the features the facebook platform has to offer including message requests of course.

How Do I Check Message Requests On Facebook?

To see your message requests on the facebook platform follow the steps below;

On Desktop

  • Login to your Facebook account at www.facebook.com.
  • Click on the messenger icon at the top of the facebook page.
  • Click on message requests on the next page.
  • Enter see filtered requests.

On Mobile Devices

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Tap on messages at the top of your screen.
  • Scroll down on the messages page and tap on view filtered messages.
  • Tap on send to open conversation and delete to remove requests.

That’s all on checking your requests on facebook. Choose reply to open conversations and delete to remove requests. If you delete message request, you will lose access to the message. If you decide to message a person whose message request you deleted, you can but the message will also go into their message request box.