Facebook Message Tab – How to Make Use of the Facebook Message Tab

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What is the facebook message tab? Have you come across this tab before? Yes, of course, everyone has made use of this tab on the facebook platform before. If you haven’t yet made use of this message tab, it simply means that you are not a user on the platform. But before I continue what is the facebook message tab?

Facebook Message Tab - How to Make Use of the Facebook Message Tab

This is one of the most important tools on the Facebook platform. The importance of this tool on the platform is still unknown to many users on the platform. This is the tool or tab on facebook that lets its user message one another. Since the platform is meant for connectivity, one can, therefore, say that the facebook platform is not complete without this tool.

How to Make Use of the Facebook Message Tab

This tab can be used by any facebook user as it is available and accessible to all facebook users. If you do not have a facebook account or you are not yet registered on the Facebook platform, you cannot make use of the feature. If you are one of these persons I will advise you to create your account today. Creating an account on Facebook is free. You do not need any form of expertise. Once you have an internet-enabled device you are in place to creating a free Facebook account.

To create a facebook account, go to Facebook. On the facebook sign up page follow the on-screen instructions to successfully create your account. Now that your account has been created you can now use the message tab on facebook. To make use of the facebook message tab, locate on any of Facebook’s platform. After locating this tab, tap or click on it. Immediately you will see a message box with which you can enter your message.

Where to Find the Message Tab on Facebook

Locating this tab on facebook is easy. You do not need to be directed, trust me, but if you have tried accessing and finding this tab on facebook without any success, you have nothing to worry about. I will be telling you how to access this tab on your Facebook account. On the facebook messenger platform, users will not find this tab. This is because once you tap on a person name, you will be taken directly to the message box where you can enter and send your messages. To find this tab on the app or on the web platform, however, follow the steps below;

  • Login to your Facebook account on the web via a mobile device or PC. Or launch the facebook mobile app.
  • Enter any of your contacts profile on facebook after logging in.
  • On your contacts profile under the cover photo, you will see the message tab with the messenger icon. To message the contact, tap or click on this tab with the icon.

That’s all on finding the message tab on facebook.