Facebook Messenger 2021 Update – How to Get The Updates Messenger App

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Facebook Messenger 2021 is an instant messaging service offered by Facebook to its customer who wants to send messages to their friends. The Facebook messenger app and Facebook website are completely separated from each other. So, Facebook Messenger users don’t need to connect to the Facebook website before they can use it. The messenger has some wonderful features like sending text, pictures, videos make video or audio calls among others.

Facebook Messenger 2021 can be assessed on a computer at https://www.messenger.com/ it can also be used on supported mobile devices like iPhone and Android devices. Despite the easy accessibility of Facebook messenger 2021 through the website, there is some third-party extension supported in some browsers like chrome that make it easier to use. This extension is preinstalled in some versions of the Opera mini browser. The messenger can be used on chrome like a desktop app while firefox allows you to use it while you are still on other websites.

The feature is added to the Facebook messenger 2021 app every time and once the features are added, a new version of Facebook Messenger will be released. To enjoy these updates, you have to download and install the update from your app store on your phone. for this article, we will be focusing on how to download and update the Facebook messenger app on a mobile device.

How to Update the App On Android Device

Search and tap the Google play store app in your app list. This will take you to the Google store page tap the “three horizontal lines” button beside the “search” text box. This will show you a menu; from the menu, tap the “my app and games” icon. This will show you the list of apps and games you had installed on your device. Search through the update section to locate the Messenger app (look for the one developed by Facebook.

Tap the “Messenger” icon, this will take you to the app update or uninstall page. Tap the “Update” button to the right “messenger” and the update automatically will start downloading except you had started downloading other updates before downloading the messenger update. If you are finding installing the updates difficult, you may uninstall the app and reinstall it. Your conversations remain intact as your Facebook account has them stored.

To do this, tap and open the Play Store app and type Messenger in the “Search” field.
From the list of results, tap Facebook messenger 2021.
This will show you the app info; to remove the app, tap uninstall, and ok.
Once the application uninstalls, tap install to have the app downloaded again.

Facebook Messenger 2021 Update – iOS SUPPORTED DEVICES

Go to your phone’s home screen and tap “App Store”. In the next screen that shows up, tap the updates button. From the list of updates shown, search through the available updates section to locate “Messenger.”

Tap the “Update” button to the right of “Messenger” and wait for a while for the update to complete installation (you may want to connect to a wireless network as the update may be large). You can uninstall and reinstall the “Messenger” app if you are encountering difficulties installing the update. Your conversations will not be lost as they are stored in your Facebook account.

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