Facebook Messenger Introduces New App Lock | App Lock for Messenger

Facebook Messenger lunch a new app lock setting for enhances privacy control? On the contrary, Facebook one of the largest used online and mobile app services. It helps in adding up new friends from other countries. And also, services as an easy way to transmit send with great features apply. This enables you to send. Picture, documents, songs, emojis, etc. however, Facebook has been in existence for a longer time. In which they also create a messenger app users can make use of to meet up a private chat with friends. Using Facebook serves has to benefit for you to benefit in all features of the Facebook mobile app and online site www.facebook.com

Facebook Messenger Introduces New App Lock | App Lock for Messenger

Furthermore, we discover that Facebook newly lunched out and introduce the Facebook messenger App Lock. This serves as new privacy security control over your messenger app to avoid your message spread out when the account was harked. This is App lock is just like another adds a layer of security to private your message. Using the features of the Facebook massager new app lock setting gives you strong confidences to where you borrow out your mobile devices because your messenger won’t be able to access only if you unlock.

Can I access the Facebook messenger new app lock on my mobile devices?

Beside, the Facebook messenger new app locked feature currently accessed with your iOS and iPads mobile devices. However, we discover that Android devices is unable to access this new feature yet. Yet to get updated on android devices next few months.  In addition, also, the official Facebook also announced new privacy features for the massager website and app.

How can I access My Messenger Privacy lock on my iOS and iPad devices?

Here, you can access the new features of the Facebook messenger lock under the Privacy setting on the Setting page. But keep in mind that the newly massager privacy lock does not restrict notification. When you can explore by completing the customizing under the notification & sound sections.

There is another new feature that was announced by Facebook. Which users can control their messages or call from other calls from another user’s app direct? In conclusion, Facebook said to start blurring images that landed up in the message request folder. Explore the internet now to get more features about the newly Facebook launched messenger app lock accessed on iOS and iPad.

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