Facebook Notification – Why People Use Facebook Notification Update | Facebook Message Notify

What is Facebook notification? The Facebook notification is one of the many Facebook features. The Facebook platform as many people know is a vast one. This is the most used and also the most visited social media platform in the world. Facebook Notifications are updates about activities going on in Facebook. You can’t entirely turn these notifications off, but you can go to your notification settings to change what you are being notified about and how you can be notified on the Facebook platform.

Facebook Notification - Why People Use Facebook Notification Update | Facebook Message Notify

Furthermore, Facebook notification give you update about any kind of activities on Facebook. Meanwhile, you can as well get notification on group you join, friends you add, or request friends to accept. Hence, FB notify help you get latest post by Facebook or any kind of activities you join on Facebook App or Mobile. Besides, the type of notification that exist depend on what platform you are using via Mobile or desktop.

The Importance of Facebook Notification

This feature of Facebook is very important and helpful in many ways. This is because without it you cannot be notified about what is going on in your Facebook account. Below are ways this feature can be helpful;

  1. It helps you to reach out to users who are online more easy instead of getting them to engage and re-engage with mobile apps.
  2. It helps you to communicate faster with your audience.
  3. Marketers have more easy access to communicate with their customers through facebook notifications. It makes it easier to get in touch with their customers on time.
  4. This feature helps you to attract customers at certain touch points. This is because they can send real time updates and reminders that gets your clients and customers to be regularly in touch with your brand even if it has not been known to them.
  5. This feature is a very good way to turn in active users to active users in the facebook platform. This is because many mobile apps have a lot of users who have downloaded these apps but are unable to use them, so the facebook notification is a good way to serve as a reminder.
  6. This notification feature helps to retain many existing users and in the process attracting new or potential users.
  7. This feature is also important because it can help your client t know about breaking news and personalized offers. It also shows direct personal value and keeps your clients with you fro a long period of time.

This facebook notification has a lot of importance that all cannot be mentioned. Some of which include; it helps you to improve your customer care strategy with useful ideas that cannot be overlooked. It helps to elevate your brand ideas.

How to Turn Off And On Facebook Notifications

Firstly we are going to be looking on how to turn off notifications on your mobile device without stress. It is a very easy way that is not known to many users, that is why mot people find it difficult to turn off their notifications. To turn off your facebook notifications on your mobile device follow the steps below;

  1. On your mobile device open your facebook app.
  2. Tap on the menu option and select settings
  3. Navigate  to advanced notifications settings option to uncheck ongoing notifications

This is all you need to do to turn off your facebook notifications on your mobile device. simple, isn’t it. Just in case you are wondering how to turn it on here it is. By default, the notifications options should be enabled on your device.

How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications on Your Desktop Device

The way to turn off notifications on your desktop is quite different from your mobile device. sometimes your notifications might get so much when using facebook from your desktop, below are some special ways to turn off your notifications on desktop;

  1. On your facebook page click on the arrow at the top right hand corner facing downwards.
  2. Scroll down and click on settings.
  3. Click on the notifications symbol on the left side of the page.
  4. You will be presented with a list of notification options, then edit what you want to edit

That’s all you need to turn off Facebook notifications on your desktop.

How do I recover Facebook notification?

This is one of the easiest steps to follow. However, click on the drop-down located at the top right of the Facebook homepage and select Account Setting. Then, tap on the “Notifications” at the left-side menu and uncheck the box at the top below Email Frequency. There, you find list of your notifications from today, and past notifications from the week before.

Why is my Facebook not Showing notification

This can be that your Facebook mobile app has not been upgraded to the latest version. Meanwhile, using the Facebook online web browser need to be updated Facebook before you can start getting notification on your fb account online via Mobile app. Therefore, restart your Phone or PC Computer, uninstall and reinstall the app if using a mobile phone. Finally, login in back to your Facebook account to get notify on from friends, group, pages.

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