Connecting to friends and family members and loved ones is one of the basic reasons behind the Facebook setup. With Facebook users are rest assured that they will be able to know what is happening in the lives of their friend’s list. This is so possible because of the inclusion of Facebook status update. And also because of the fact that there is always Facebook notifications on users’ feeds.

Facebook Notifications - Turn Off Facebook Notifications From Close Friends

Facebook notifications inform users of activities on their account. It also informs users of the activities on the accounts of their numerous friends. Facebook notifications is very important because it helps users to keep track of what their friends are up to. Facebook notifications is like the alarm on Facebook that informs you of things happening around. An active Facebook user can receive as much as hundreds of Facebook notifications in a single day.

What Users Receive on Facebook Notifications

Users get notified on Facebook of numerous activities on their account. These notifications are dependent on how active he or she is on Facebook. It is also dependent on the number of groups or commitments has joined. Here are some examples of the things users get notified about:

  1. Comments on your posts.
  2. Likes on your post.
  3. Comments on a post you are tagged on
  4. Likes on a post you are tagged on.
  5. Request from friends to play a game.
  6. Upcoming anniversaries like birthdays.
  7. Life events of friends. For example, if a friend just updated a life event, you will be notified.
  8. Acceptance of users friends request.
  9. Invitation to join a Facebook group. And so on.

As exciting as the Facebook notifications, it sometimes gets frustrating when you continue to get notifications over and over again. If you are a busy person it can be very frustrating. So it is wise to filter out some of the things you don’t want to be notified about.

How to Filter out Facebook Notifications

Even though it is not possible to totally turn off Facebook notifications, users can apply wisdom to determine what they want to be notified about. once they have an idea about what they want, they can filter out the rest. This is so as to minimize the number of times they get beeps on their mobile phone if they have activated notifications on their Facebook app on their mobile phone. To do this please kindly follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to your account using the official Facebook website.
  2. On the top right corner of your Facebook homepage, you will see a drop-down icon ?
  3. Click the icon ?
  4. Select “Settings”
  5. Click “Notifications” on the left.
  6. So many options will appear. Click to adjust how to get notifications and what you want to be notified about.


How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications from Close Friends?

Mankind for who we are can get bored about somethings sometimes. Even instant notifications of all posts from our “Close Friends” can start to frustrate us as time goes on. Here is a good news. You can also turn off such notifications from these close friends on Facebook. Here is how.

  1. Click on ? in the top right corner of your Facebook homepage.
  2. Click “Notifications” in the left column.
  3. Hit the “Close Friend Activity” icon
  4. Click on “Facebook”
  5. Click next to “Close Friends activity”. Then select between ON or OFF. As you do desire, this can be toggled whenever and however you want.

Once you have completed the process you have successful change you Facebook Notifications settings. Whichever option you have selected you will get you notification change and no longer get them if you have selected off.