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Facebook Poke

Before I will put anything down permit me to ask this question, do you know what a facebook poke is? Well, I will be putting it down for you in a few. This is a small application that is included in every facebook account. Facebook poke is one of the various features and functions of the Facebook platform and community. It is one of the very first features and function of Facebook.

Facebook Poke - Facebook Features - Facebook

Some Facebook users even think that this feature is no longer available in the platform. Speaking from personal experience, I only last used this feature during the first period I created my facebook account. This is let me say 6 years back. This certain feature for those who think it is extinct is still very much available and very much in use. I never knew until some few days back when I was poked on Facebook. I had to do some research and found out that the facebook poke feature of Facebook is still in use.

What Is the Purpose of the Facebook Poke?

This is a function on facebook, so therefore you know what that means. Every feature on facebook has a role it plays. People or facebook users make use of facebook poke for lots of reasons. But this feature has a function. It features almost the same way as the facebook wave feature. On facebook when people poke others on facebook, it just them saying hi or hello. It is a quick and short way of getting someone’s attention.

How to Poke Someone on Facebook

If you are a new user on the platform or you don’t know how to make use of the facebook poke feature, follow the steps below to do so;

  1. Visit the profile of the said person you want to poke.
  2. On the friends profile click on the ‘three dotted icon’ next to the message icon on the top right corner of the person’s facebook page.
  3. On the drop down menu click on poke.

That’s all you need to do. The other person will get a notification about them being poked. But you should know that before you can make use of this facebook feature you need to have a facebook account. What I mean here is that if you do not have a facebook account you cannot make use of this feature. So therefore if you want to make use of this feature and you do not have a facebook account, you should create one today. To create a facebook account, visit  the official facebook account a www.facebook.com

How to Stop Some One from Poking Me on Facebook

After a long time of research, I just found out that you cannot stop someone from poking you on facebook. The best thing to do here is to completely ignore the said person who keeps poking you.

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