Facebook Reels – How to Create Facebook Reels 2022

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Facebook Reels are the latest thing in the world of social media and on Facebook at large. It is well known that reels are short minutes videos that are always frequented on popular social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, although YouTube reels are called Shorts. The basic facts are that Reels are well known on a lot of social media apps that we use. It came as no surprise when Facebook announced that they had introduced Facebook reels in their social media app. This was a recent launch and a recent news update that Facebook made reels and it advertises them as a short and fun video that consists of audio, music, and texts overlays.

Facebook users can now create short videos using the Facebook Reels feature and they can do all this using their mobile devices. You can now become broader and create many great contents on Facebook. You can now make fast videos, edit them; add music or you can use audio from another person’s video. You can now get discovered on Facebook when you create entertaining videos.

How Do I Make Facebook Reels and Share Them?

Creating Facebook Reels is very easy to do and it has a simple process to follow. You only have to ensure that you follow the community’s guidelines. Here are the steps on what to do:

  • Click on Create from the Reels section on the Feed or you can simply click on the camera icon at the top right corner when viewing a reel
  • Add video to your reel
  • Add text, effects, captions, audios and timer to your reels. To access this, you tap on the icons at the right side of your screen.
  • Click on Next when you are done creating your  reel
  • Put down the description on your reel
  • Choose your audience
  • Click on Share Reels to now publish the reel

Once all that has been completed and uploaded, it will be live on your Reels profile and this is where your audience can find the reels you have just shared. Another important thing to take note of is that you must be 18 and above. Your reels will be displayed to the public. However, you can change the audience for each person reel.

How Can I Watch Facebook Reels?

Facebook reels are always going to be displayed on Facebook News Feed. The minute people click on Reels, they will immediately be taken directly to a feed where swiping up shows you the next video and other short-form video platforms. All users can find Reels based on their interest at the top of the Newsfeed with stories and Rooms.

Can I Share My Facebook Reels From Instagram On Facebook?

You can share your Facebook Reels to your Instagram. If you own a public Instagram account, you will be told to opt-in to share your Facebook account. All comments and likes will now be shown on your Instagram and Facebook. You must be a Facebook user and you must also have both a Facebook and Instagram account to get started on achieving this goal.