Facebook Search – Facebook Search For People Without Loggin | Search For Friends on Facebook

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What is the facebook search log? Facebook as a social media platform as we all know can be used to do a lot of things. The platform has lots of features and tools that make it functional and one of these tools which is indeed one of the most important tools of this platform is the search tool. You might be wondering as to the relationship of the facebook search log which is the topic of this article to the search log.

Facebook Search - Facebook Search For People Without Loggin | Search For Friends on Facebook

Well, you cannot talk about the facebook search log without having to make mention of the search tool. If you do not know what the facebook search tool is here is it. The search tool is the tool on the platform that makes navigation easier. With this tool, you can easily get to wherever it is you are going to and see whatever it is you are looking for.

Now you know what the facebook search tool is, do you know that whenever you make a search on the Facebook platform, it is being recorded or stored? Yes, it is and it is being stored in a place called the activity log. This place is where records of your activities on the Facebook platform are being kept. On the other hand, the place where your search results are recorded is called the facebook search log.

How to Access the Facebook Search Log

To be able to access the facebook search log you need to be a registered Facebook user. As the platform is only available and accessible to facebook users. If you do not have an account registered on the platform, therefore, cannot get access to your search log on the platform. If you do not have an account with facebook you need to create one now. To create a facebook account go to www.facebook.com. Follow the on-screen instructions on your mobile devices or your desktop PCs via your web browsers or you can simply download and install the mobile app to your device.

On the facebook page on the web. Or the mobile app tap or click on the create account tab and follow the on-screen instructions to create your own account. Once you have created your own account you can now have access to your search logs. You also must have made use of the search feature so as to have a search history. If you haven’t made use of the facebook search tool to search for anything on the platform, then you will have no search history, hence any need using it. To get access to this page on facebook, follow the steps below;

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • On your facebook account page click on the arrow icon facing downwards.
  • Click on the activity log.
  • On the next page, on the left-hand column of the activity log page, click on the more option.
  • Click on the search option or tab on the next page.

Immediately you will get access to your search log on facebook. On this place, you can choose to delete selected searches or your whole search log.

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