Facebook Search with Email – Search for Friends on Facebook | Facebook Searching

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What do you know of the facebook search with email? As the name implies one can easily say that this means searching the facebook platform with an email address. If you are one of those persons then you are right. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are wrong. The term “facebook search with email has just been explained in the simplest of ways.

Facebook Search with Email - Search for Friends on Facebook | Facebook Searching

There is a twist here though. Do you know that most facebook users do not know that they can search the facebook platform with an email address? Normally they only search the platform with usernames of other users. The items or the requitals needed to search the facebook platform are many. You can search the platform with a mobile phone number, date of birth, username and of course with email addresses and it must be associated with a facebook account just in case you do not know.

If the email, phone number or any other tool with which you used in searching the platform is not associated with an account, then you will not get the desired result. Now that you know that you can now search the platform with an email address, what do you need in other for this to materialize?

What You Need To Search Facebook with an Email Address

You only need two things to be able to do this. You need to be a registered Facebook account holder and secondly the email address you want to search for. Once these two things are in place you can now search the platform for the account or post related to that address. If you do not have a facebook account you cannot do this. If you want to be able to search the platform with an email address and you do not have an account you need to create one now.

How to Create Facebook Account

Creating a Facebook account is not difficult. It can be created in two ways. You can create a facebook account via your web browser or via the Facebook mobile app. To do this via your web browser go to the official facebook web page at www.facebook.com. On the facebook page click or tap on the create account tab and follow the on-screen instructions. The same rules apply to the mobile app.

How to Search With an Email Address on Facebook

Follow the steps below to search on facebook with an email address;

  • Login to your Facebook account if you are not yet logged in.
  • On your facebook account page tap or click on the facebook search bar. This is located at the top of the page.
  • Enter the email address with which you want to search.

That’s all. You will be provided with results based on the email you entered in the search bar.

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