What is the facebook store app free? Are you looking for an app online where you can create a Facebook store for free? There are plenty of platforms and apps online where you can create a store for free. Yea, you heard me right, all for free. You don’t have to pay a dime.

Facebook Store App Free - External Facebook Store Apps

Facebook is one of the revelations of recent years. They keep rolling out new features and functions to keep its users happy and engaged on the platform. The facebook platform is one of the best platforms to make use of when it comes to online and social media marketing. Stats don’t lie. Just take a look at the facebook advertising app for instance. Since its recent inception it has experienced over 80,000 engagements in a week. Trust me that is just wild.

With the above stats, there are those persons who still doubt the ability of Facebook when it comes to marketing your products via the facebook store. Facebook in a recent study is a platform that is visited by over a billion active monthly users. So logically speaking there are over a billion active potential clients and customers when you integrate your business and products with Facebook.

Free Apps to Create an Ecommerce Store – Facebook Store App Free

When it comes to this there are lots of platforms with which we can create an online store. The competition in this field is a fierce one. Below are some apps with which you can create an ecommerce store for free


This is one of the facebook ecommerce apps out there today. It has over 40,000 store integrated with facebook already. Like a few other external platforms and unlike many other this platform provides a free starter plan for every user. This free plan is for ten products though.


This is one of the most popular if not the most popular ecommerce platforms. Customers can easily check your store without having to leave facebook. When integrating your facebook store with Shopify it is completely free.


Just like most ecommerce platforms this ecommerce platform comes with a lot of marketing tools that are good for your business. It has marketing tools like scratch and wins tool, group deals and a host of other marketing tools.

Other ecommerce apps to integrate tour facebook store includes sortprice, beetailer, shoptab and many more.