Facebook Store App – What Is a Facebook Store?

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What is the facebook store app? Do facebook have a store app and many other questions similar to this have been frequently asked about the topic. You have nothing to worry about as all your questions and doubts regarding the facebook store app will be answered here today. But do you know what a facebook store is? Sit back, relax and follow with keen interest on this article to know more on the Facebook store and all that it embodies.

Facebook Store App - What Is a Facebook Store?

What Is a Facebook Store?

Do you know that you can now sell your products directly on the facebook platform? According to recent studies the social media is one of the best platforms to market your goods online. The best of the social media platforms to do so are facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest and so much more. But the most outstanding one of these three is the facebook social media platform. With the facebook platform selling your products becomes easy and efficient. If you are looking for an online platform to increase your sales, look no further. All you have to do is to try facebook out. One of the benefits of the facebook store feature and function is that it is free unlike other ecommerce platforms.

Ways and How to Sell On Facebook with the Facebook Store

If you know about the facebook store feature and function then you should know that there are two ways with which users can sell on facebook. As a user you can either sell your products via the facebook platform itself. All you have to is to create your store on the facebook platform. This process is more basic.

Another way with which you can sell on facebook is by using an external ecommerce platform to create an online store and then link it to your facebook store page. Using an external platform is sometimes more preferable to creating your facebook store. Facebook has limited options when it comes to ecommerce stores compared to external platforms. Like for example facebook has fewer payment options for customers to choose from and most of it options are only available to the US. Also you can only sell physical products on facebook stores. But when you link your external stores with your facebook store you get to enjoy benefits from both sides.

Top External Apps to Build a Facebook Store

Below is a list of the best tools to use when you want to build a Facebook store;

  1. Soldsie.
  2. Storefront social.
  3. Ecwid.
  4. Shopify.
  5. Shoptab.
  6. Beetailer.
  7. storeYa.
  8. Sortprice.

I will be stopping here on the list today. But there are other external apps with which you can build an ecommerce store and then link to facebook.

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