Have you heard of the Facebook store India feature? Are you an Indian who is on facebook? Do you even know if the facebook store feature is available to Indians? If you do know that Facebook in India has a store feature, great but if you do not know, there’s nothing to worry about, as it’s not too late. In this article, every question you have regarding the facebook store India feature will be answered and other things you probably do not know of the Facebook store feature will be made available and revealed to you.

Facebook Store India - How to Set up a Facebook Store

What Is the Facebook Store?

If you are making use of facebook for business purposes, then you should know what the facebook store is, as you probably would have made use of it. For the benefit of those who don’t know of the facebook store, I will be telling you what it is all about. The facebook store is a page on facebook that users can easily shop and buy their favorite items at great and affordable prices. You can not only buy from facebook stores. You can also set your very own facebook store to market and sell your brands and products.

Is Facebook Store Available In India

Facebook store is available in India. Yes you heard me right; the facebook store is available to Indians. Here is something about the facebook store. Although it shares a striking resemblance to the facebook marketplace it is not the same with it. While the Facebook marketplace is only available to selected regions and countries, the facebook store feature is available to all and Indians included.

How to Access the Facebook Store in India

Of course there must be a way to access this facebook feature. You cannot just open your devices browser and access this facebook feature. This feature can be accessed on both mobile and desktop PC devices. To access this feature you need to have a facebook account. If you do not have a facebook account you cannot access the facebook store feature. To create a facebook account go to www.facebook.com on your device and complete the sign up process which shouldn’t take you long to do. These facebook stores can be accessed via facebook pages. So therefore to access this feature locate any facebook page with the facebook store button and tap or click on it to access it.

How to Set Up a Facebook Store in India

Before you can set up a store you need to have a facebook page. Without a facebook page you cannot set up a facebook page. This is because this feature is integrated with Facebook pages and without these facebook pages you cannot set up a facebook store. So therefore if you know you want to set up a store in India and you do not have a facebook page first create a facebook page. To create a facebook page go to www.facebook.com/page. After you are done creating your facebook page follow the steps below to create your facebook store.

  1. On your facebook page click on the ‘add a section’ link under the pages cover photo.
  2. Click on add shop section on the next page.
  3. On the next page and step you will have to set up your shop details like name, description and others.
  4. After that you will have to set up your payment method.
  5. Now start adding products to your shop after that.
  6. Set up your shipping methods and complete your shop settings.
  7. Lastly manage your products and orders.

That’s all you need to set up a Facebook store in India