Facebook Thailand – Facebook Plans Legal Action After Thailand Tells It to Mute

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Is Facebook banned in Thailand? On the contrary, here is some information you may have missed about the current situation going on in Thailand country. It’s was said that Facebook is planning legal action over the Thailand government. After it’s told to mute critics for ordering the social media platform. To partially shut down access to a group critical of the Thai monarchy. However, this begins on Monday in which Facebook shortly prevents users in Thailand from accessing Royalist Marketplace. Which is the Facebook group being more than a million members? That was set up by a self – exiled Thai academic living in japan.

Facebook Thailand - Facebook Plans Legal Action After Thailand Tells It to Mute

Furthermore, don’t forget that Thailand’s digital economy and society minister. Warned in this month that Facebook would be breaking the computer crime act if it’s accessed the Royalist Marketplace. Which was founded in the month of April to continue to operate in Thailand country? Meanwhile, the Thailand minister gave Facebook still Tuesday. In order to restrict access to the group or pay a relatively small fine. Which makes Facebook respond back to condemn the Government request on Tuesday. And said it’s would ask Thai court to revoke the order filed against the company Thailand operating.

Facebook has blocked access in Thailand to a million-member group discussing the monarchy

 After the Thai government threatened legal action. This means accessing within Thailand to the Royalist marketplace group has been blocked on Monday evening. But the page can still be accessed from outside countries. Also, know that the group has more than one million members. And also said that the group provides a platform for a serious discussion on the monarchy and it allows Thais to express their views freely.

In conclusion, on the 10th of August, Facebook was given 15 days to comply with court take-down orders. Or else face charges under the local computer crime Act which carries a fine of up to $6,370 and an additional $159 each day Facebook did not comply. It was stated on Monday that Facebook cooperated before the deadline because it understood the context of Thai society. However, shortly after Royal Marketplace was removed, Paving created a new group that was quickly joined by over 500,000 members in just one day. Protesters have taken to the street calling for improved democratic involvement from citizens and a less powerful monarchy. I hope this article was helpful.

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