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Do you know of the Facebook message translate feature? Do you have non-English speaking friends on Facebook and you are having issues communicating with them? If you are then every piece of this article is for you. At the end of this article, every reader will be able to translate messages in languages that are different from theirs to their own preferred language. Wouldn’t that be awesome? There is a feature or tool on the Facebook platform that can help directly with that.

Facebook Translate - Facebook Translate app Messager | Facebook Translate to English

With this tool facebook users can easily translate on the platform from one language to another. I never knew of this feature was available on facebook, until I did a research on it not too long ago. The name of this feature on Facebook is known as the facebook translator feature. Under this Facebook translator feature, we have the facebook translator app and the facebook translate now sub-features. These tools on facebook work in a similar fashion as they help in translation on the platform.

Facebook Translator App

The Facebook translator app is more like the official language translator hub on the Facebook platform. This is not an external facebook app as many users think it is. The Facebook translator app is an inbuilt app on the Facebook platform. On this platform, users can easily translate messages in languages that are different from their default Facebook languages (the language with which your Facebook account is created). This tool is used often with direct or private messages on Facebook. This tool is not that popular among Facebook users. To visit the Facebook translator app check Here.

Facebook Translate Now Feature

The “Facebook translate now” feature is a sub-feature of the Facebook tool as we all know. This tool is very popular among Facebook users as it is always seen around every post and comment that isn’t written in or Facebook default language. On Facebook when a post is published in a different language from ours, there is this small tab at the bottom of the post that says, translate now. With this tab that post will be translated in no time giving the user an insight into what the post means at first.

How to Translate Messages on Facebook

For you to be able to translate messages on facebook you first need to be a registered user on the platform. If you are not yet registered on facebook you cannot make use of any of Facebook’s features. If you do not have a facebook account you need to create yours now. Creating a Facebook account is easy. To create a facebook account, go to Facebook and follow the prompt. Once your account on facebook has been created, you can now translate messages on facebook.

To translate messages on facebook is easy. You can either make use of the facebook translator app or an external translator platform. To make use of the facebook translator app to translate messages visit here Facebook Translations. A perfect external platform to use for translations is the Google translator platform. In places like Mexico and the US, when a friend messages you in Spanish or a different language from yours, a pop up immediately notifies you if you would love to translate the message with the option of also auto-translate any messages from that same person.

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