Facebook Valentine – Valentine’s Day Wishes and Messages

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How do I celebrate Valentine’s on Facebook or How do I upload Valentine’s profile pictures? While you continue reading this article, you will get some tips on how to celebrate Valentine’s on Facebook. On the contrary, Facebook Valentine happens to be a day on Facebook whereby your News Feed will be filled with messages from anyone you know on Facebook. However, on this Facebook Valentine’s day, Facebook will bring a message to your news feed wishing you a happy Valentine’s and prompting you to share a wish card with your loved ones respectively.

Facebook Valentine - Valentine's Day Wishes and Messages

Furthermore, Facebook Valentine day stands out to be a day whereby two lovers get to express their feelings to themself, send them some love messages, get a gift for themself, and a lot more. However, this Facebook Valentine’s Day, came to be celebrated as a day of romance from about the 14th century. Meanwhile, you don’t just dress anyhow on valentine’s day as the color accepted to celebrate the day is Red and White. Although it’s not compulsory it will be very okay if you dress like that on that day. However, while you intend to send Valentine’s wishes on Facebook, you can either send it through a message or upload it on your timeline. Also, you can upload Valentine’s image as a profile picture.

How to Send Facebook Valentine Wishes on Facebook

However, while you intend to send valentine’s wishes on Facebook, the reason might be either the persona is a long distance away or the person you are in a relationship with the person. Although, you can also send wishes even to those you are not in a relationship with. Meanwhile, some easy steps on how to send Valentine’s wishes on Facebook will be listed below:

  • Click on the app on your mobile phone
  • Login to your Facebook account or create one if you don’t have one
  • Click on anyone you intend to send the Val message to on your Facebook contact
  • Search for the person’s name if you can’t find it in the active people’s section
  • Open the user chat window
  • The wish you want to send might be either a picture or a message
  • Then click on the “Photo” icon beside the message box
  • You will be redirected to your device storage where you will be asked to enter to choose the valid photo you want to send

Select the Photo you wish to send to the user and click on the send icon, then your message will be sent to the user instantly. Meanwhile, if it is a message wish, type the message in the message box and then click on the send icon beside it to send your message to the user respectively.

How to Use Valentine’s Image as Profile Photo

Meanwhile, uploading Valentine’s image as a Profile Photo is just like changing your profile pictures on Facebook. However, to Upload Valentine’s image, make sure the photo is on you’re the device you are using. After that, then follow the steps that will be listed below:

  • Tap on the Facebook App
  • Login to your account or create one if you don’t have any
  • Then go to your Facebook profile
  • After visiting your Facebook profile, click on your Avatar, which is the Facebook profile picture.
  • Then you will be redirected to your device’s photo storage

However, when you get to your device storage, Select the photo you want to upload. Then click on “Set as Profile Picture” and tag people if you like. Then click on the “Done” button below to Set Valentine’s image as your profile picture. Meanwhile, you can also change it at any time and your Image will be public.

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