Looking at the topic above ‘facebook web store’, what do you understand? This can mean a boatload of things to people mostly those who don’t know about Facebook and those who haven’t made use of the platform. The Facebook web store is just an online store on the Facebook platform.

Facebook Web Store - How to Create a Store

Yes you heard me right; you can have a store on facebook. Facebook is not just meant for socializing. Facebook can be used for a whole lot of things. This platform is not just meant for chatting, making voice and video calls. Most facebook users just found out about this. You can play games on the platform, stream live games and football matches and you can also integrate your business on and with the platform.

What Is the Facebook Web Store?

The facebook web store is a page on facebook where facebook users can buy and sell directly on the facebook platform. Just anything can be sold and bought on this platform as long as it doesn’t go against the facebook community standards.

Why You Need a Facebook Web Store

There are many reasons why you need a facebook web store. I will be telling you some of the reasons though in the course of this article. Like for one the facebook web store is easy and free to set up. it cost absolutely and totally nothing to set up a Facebook store. Your brand and products also get exposed to a wide range of audience globally.

Another thing you should know is that since the world of digital marketing is a competitive one, it won’t come as a surprise that your competitors are making use of the platform. So therefore you should also make use of the platform to market your products now. Facebook is a platform that is visited by two billion people weekly, wow that’s a whole lot of potential customers to put off and turn away. Trust me you really need this to push your sales and engagement on your products and brand.

How to Create a Facebook Web Store

Creating a facebook web store is easy. But only if you know how to. Before you can successfully create a facebook store you need to have a facebook page or at least be a n admin of a facebook page. This is because the facebook store feature is integrated with the facebook page feature. to create a facebook store follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the ‘add a section’ tab under the cover photo of your Facebook page.
  2. On the next page click on add a shop section.
  3. You will start setting up your shop details on the next page.
  4. Set up your payment method.
  5. Start adding products to your store.
  6. Set up your shipping settings.
  7. Lastly manage your shop orders.

Click on the finish tab when you are done with the above. That’s all you need to do to successfully set up your facebook shop or store.